Monday, February 6, 2017

Old Man Logan #17 Review + Spoilers - Marvel Monday

Slippin’, Slippin’ Into The Future

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artists: Andre Sorrentino, Marcelo Maiolo
Cover Art: Andrea Sorrentino
Release Date: February 1, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99


Jeff Lemire is leaving this series with Issue #24. Although it’s sad to hear, he’s on the path to end on a stellar run of Old Man Logan. How does the guy find time to write all these titles, do the art for some and find such great stories to tell? Let’s get into Logan continuing his exploration of two different realities.

Logan continues to travel through the Waste Lands and Earth 616 space trying to understand which reality is real. In the Wastelands, we’re lead to believe Kang is controlling this illusion. He reveals to Logan he's taken Baby Hulk in order stop the "Warlord" from rising. With time warped, Baby Hulk has grown up and become the Warlord of the Wastelands. While this all seems part of Kang's created reality, we’ve only entered the next stage of this reality manipulation. Things continue the psychedelic trip when revealed a version of Jean Grey may be controlling this all!

The story is starting to ramp up. Jeff Lemire’s dialogue isn't lost while he takes Logan through different realities and time. When you think Logan is close to cracking the code, Jeff Lemire literally shatters everything you might've thought was real and up's the stakes. The pages provide stunning artwork and panel transitions to make for a fun read. You can tell everything in the book is being well thought out and I admire that. This issue takes the leap to progress the story expansively. While some books were a bit dull for me, this week’s Old Man Logan came on top for pick of the week.

Bits and Pieces:

Jeff Lemire continues to pull another exciting story from his vault. He does a great job of playing with two different realities while telling an engaging story. Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo help pull everything together with their artwork. When the story seems to unfold a bit, Jeff Lemire takes things up a notch.


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