Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Justice League/Power Rangers #2 Review

‘Justice Ranger’ Batman’s No Good Very Bad Day

Written by:: Tom Taylor
Art by:Steven Byrne
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 8, 2017

We’re back for another round of crossover action as the Justice League and Power Rangers continue to mingle in the DC Universe with mixed results for both teams.  See Zack was ‘arrested’ by Batman at first who in turn was eventually bird-napped, in his Batmobile, by the Pink Ranger and her DinoZord.  So what’s the next step here? Which one of these teams of heroes will blink first? Also, what the hell happened to Lord Zedd? Donate a click to the Jim and Eric fund while you find out these answers and more below.

Our events pick up where we left off last issue as the Rangers and the Justice League continue to feel each other out.  This is the normal cast of characters most everybody is familiar with on both teams, only with John Stewart standing in as the Green Lantern representative here.  Each character takes a moment to shine and display their powers, and in the Rangers case their Zords, before Kimberly with a Wonder Woman/Superman assist, is able to notify the other Rangers that despite Batman’s intimidating first impression everyone currently present is a fellow do-gooder.

The heroes start to say hi to one another, figure things out, and bond while making jokes at Batman’s expense. It’s here the Black Ranger, Zack, takes a second to remind everyone that a real bad fellow named Lord Zedd is on the lose somewhere, and like a cranky two year old it’s not wise to leave him alone very long. 

Speaking of devil, Zedd seems to have stumbled into his own predicament. From what I can tell, he gets plucked out of the teleportation stream hes in and into one of DC’s patented bottle worlds.  Lord Zedd is not one to be contained, so using a little handy magic; the villain grows himself straight out of this situation coming face to face with his captor who happens to be none other than Brainiac! As Brainiac stares on, intrigued by his latest playthings power set, you just know trouble is on the horizon for everyone shooting the shit back in Gotham City.

As we check in on our heroes one last time, still yucking it up at the team mixer, several of the Justice League members start receiving calls of attacks occurring. The calls the members hear are of giant monsters let loose in our cliffhanger at various locations around the globe. Things end with Batman taking a moment to blame the Power Rangers for bringing this disaster to earth, as the Rangers acknowledge having some expertise in this field, before everyone agrees the best move is to take the fight where it’s needed around the world.

Issue two continues to setup and introduce us to the various characters, both good and bad, that will take the spotlight in this crossover from this point forward. However besides that and a little bit of “chucking knucks” not much really happens in this issue. The writing by Tom Taylor provides enough laughs to keep the story moving forward, although Batman comes off wearing the King of the Dicks crown, even a little more than usual.  The art continues to be pretty stellar in each issue so far and some of the coloring and lighting the crew is able to pull off is pretty stunning.

Bits and Pieces

Overall issue two remains decent, albeit a little similar to this series’ first outing last month, but what I’m most excited about, now that the formal introductions are out of the way, is that we can finally get down to chewing gum and kicking ass now … I’m not even sure they sell gum in Gotham so that’s good news for us readers here for the action.


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  1. Holy Shit. Is that John Stewart on earth? This has to be a miracle, I mean we a know DC hates to let john have any shine at all. I'm mean when was the last time we saw him on earth with the Justice League...hhhmmmm...oh that's right... Never since the new 52 Started. I might have to pick this book up if DC shows that Hal is overrated and John & Guy Deserve more shine.