Saturday, February 11, 2017

John Carter: The End #1 Review and **Spoilers**

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Writer: Brian Wood
Art: Hayden Sherman, Chris O’Halloran and Tom Napolitano
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 8, 2017


When I received this review copy, I wasn’t very familiar with John Carter and solely decided to read this based on the cover art. Let’s see what John Carter has to offer a new reader like me.

John Carter and his wife Queen Dejah and gone off the grid and living in the middle of nowhere on Mars. When found by an Alien race, informed that their believed dead son has taken over the planet of Barsoom. We get insight into the fact Queen Dejah believed their son has been dead all this time. John Carter tells her that their son didn’t fall to his death previously. Instead, that he killed a fellow boy in their old village.

He saw no remorse or emotion in his son’s eye and sent him off. After the two argue, they decided to board the aliens ship and head to Barsoom. While on the ship, the dialogue spells outs tension with Dejah and John. Coming close to Barsoom the ship meets some artillery rounds from below and crash land into the city. Regrouping outside the ship, there the issue ends with Dejah running off on her own.

Minimal use of dialogue in this issue, the art helps carry the story to understand everything going on. The use of the dialogue in the book helps give some backstory and set-up for what’s to come.

The look of the overall book harkens back to the animation style of Aeon Flux and holds a unique style you don’t see in modern day comics often. You can be brand new to John Carter, jump into this series and learn enough about of the characters. Stakes seem high at the moment and Brian Wood has set up an interesting story to tell. I hope to see this series become something solid for those long time John Carter fans.

Bits and Pieces:

Brian Wood has set up an interesting story to tell in this dystopian world. He gives you enough to set up the relationship of John and his wife Dejah and a shocking reveal. The art stands out and helps move the story along. If you’re a fan of tales placed in dystopian worlds, you can pick up this issue and find this intriguing.


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