Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Earth 2: Society #21 Review and *SPOILERS*

Not The End

Written By: Dan Abnett
Art By: Vincente Cifuentes, Rex Lokus, Travis Lanham
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: February 8, 2017

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Okay, where I originally thought that this was the last issue to our Earth 2 series, it turns out I was wrong.  Yeah, DC's own site has this listed as "FINAL ISSUE", but they've also got another issue solicited after this, bearing that mark as well......... Weird.  So yeah, that just means more Earth 2 fun and since this series has actually gotten really good, well I don't mind at all.  In our previous issue, we saw our Wonders taking on every Sandman that Ultra-Humanite could throw at them and while they fought off the horde of Dodds', Batman, Steel, Huntress and John plan on storming Central Control now that all the security is preoccupied.  Let's jump into this issue and see how well our Wonders fare and if they can actually take down Ultra-Humanite and call this new world their home.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!;

Our issue begins with our Wonders on the streets declaring to the people that they are their protectors and that they will free them from the police state created by the Sandmen, but all of that shit is put on hold when Ultra-Humanite sends out his ultimate weapon to deal with this problem and as we saw at the end of the previous issue, that weapon is actually Alan Scott, the Green Lantern.  So yeah, as you'd suspect, Green Lantern just wipes the floor with our Wonders and we're reminded how much more powerful this version of the Green Lantern is because of his connection to his Earth's Green because goddamn does he just take everyone out like they were nothing.

Over at Central Control, we see that Ultra-Humanite is having a bit of a problem controlling Alan Scott, but he assures us that if he remains concentrating, it shouldn't be a problem............ BOOM, enter Batman, Steel, Huntress and John to break that connection and put a big old monkey hurt on our villain............ Yeah, that's what I would have liked to say happened, but actually, he wipes the floor with our heroes as easily as Alan Scott does with the rest of them and towards the end of this issue, everything looks doomed.

In the end, Batman pulls out everything he has to try and end Ultra-Humanite and while Ultra-Humanite actually kills Batman, our hero did distract him long enough for Alan to break Humanite's control over him.......... leading to Alan instantly taking the villain out, but even with that, Batman's dead and we end this issue on one hell of a penultimate cliffhanger............ goddamn, I hope something wonky doesn't happen and this turns out to be what we're ultimately left with.

That's it for this issue of Earth 2: Society and while we continue to see our heroes fight, the stakes are again raised in this issue when Alan Scott becomes their enemy.  I was shocked when we saw him in the previous issue and it was all because I actually forgot he was a thing........ which is weird as hell because when Earth 2 started in the New 52, he was my favorite character. He's back now though and put right this new world, but not before Batman fell in battle and while seeing that there are actually stakes that revolve around life and death here, this was a bad ass cliffhanger........ the only problem is, this was another issue of nonstop fighting and seeing as too much fighting is what turned the Earth 2 series into a big pile of "Meh" to begin with, it's getting a little old at this point, especially since there's only one more issue left with no Rebirth in sight.  I love the art in this issue and think that everyone looks amazing, but I'm starting to get worried about us ending this run with a brand new world, but one without a Batman.

Bits and Pieces:

The fighting continues in this issue and to my surprise, the stakes become even higher than they were in the previous issue............. but even with that, it's still a issue of pure fighting and after getting so much of that, it's getting a little old.  I still enjoyed this issue though and I loved the art and can't wait to see what the final issue will bring us.......... hopefully an announcement of a Rebirth.



  1. I love this book and will miss it when it's gone. Sure there was a little bit too much fighting in this issue but that page of Val-Zod getting knocked out was awesome with the team backing him up. And damn Red Tornado is looking so shiny and busty in this issue, I know you had some sexy time with this issue Jim!

  2. I will be so,so sad when this title is gone. It is one of my favorites right now, and I don't see a Rebirth happening. Can't we Rebirth this and cancel Batgirl and/or Superwoman?

  3. The cliffhanger makes me think it's even more likely that this is just ending with nothing to pick up where it leaves off.