Wednesday, March 15, 2017

He-Man/Thundercats #6 Review

He-Man and Lion-O: Eternia’s Revenge

Writing Team: Rob David and Lloyd Goldfine
Art Team: Freddie E. Williams II and Jeremy Colwell
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 15, 2017

This is it the big conclusion between whatever is left of our heroes and Mumm-ator in the final issue of this very enjoyable mini-series.  If you’re new here, you may be asking yourself, I came here for He-Man and Lion-O, what in damnation is a Mumm-ator exactly?  My only answer for you would be the most fearsome villain in existence with a sense of humor matched by few if any in the Multiverse.  So lets see what the ultimate prankster has in store for our heroes in the series conclusion shall we. Summon the power and join me after the jump.

The situation at the start looks dire in Eternia as our heroes arrive back, after a detour in Thundara, to find Mumm-ator (the combined spirits of Skeletor and Mumm-Ra) has entered Castle Grayskull in ‘his’ quest to have all the power ever in existence.   He-Man and Lion-O quickly give chase through the bowls of Castle Grayskull to a Secret Threshold even He-Man has never crossed finally bring the heroes face to face with Mumm-ator. 

Mumm-ator sit atop a throne in this Secret Threshold, while in possession of the Orb of Power, and holding the Sorceress hostage.  Despite seemingly having the upper hand, Mumm-ator still needs the sword of power to unleash living hell across the Multiverse, which He-Man and Lion-O have something to say about.  The two jump into a two on one battle with the villain trading blows in an effort to get the orb from Mumm-ator’s hands. 

Once the heroes are in possession of the orb we take a, Quantum Leap-esque, type of journey through the Multiverse.  What comes are visions of several different worlds and glimpses through time as our attempt to make their way back ‘home’ and away from the villainous Mumm-ator giving chase.
The orb and Sword of Power change hands several times before we end up back in the Secret Threshold. Now freed from Mumm-ator’s grasp the Sorceress uses whats left of her strength to heal/summon all heroes present in an epic final battle for the ages as we reach our third act.  Much like Skeletor and Mumm-Ra combining their powers several issues ago, Lion-O and He-Man decide now is as good a time as any to try a similar path to success.  Summoning all they have left from both sword the two blast the villain into oblivion returning the land of Eternia back to its former ruler as the issue ends with an ominous … The End?!?!?!

To sum up my thoughts on the series as a whole, this truly is one of the most entertaining mini-series I have read in a long time. The story was brutal, funny, action packed, full of cameos, and callbacks any fan of either property would truly enjoy.  If this is something you were trade waiting to enjoy I will suggest you buy it immediately because the combination of a crazy enjoyable story with eye catching art is a must for any collector.

Overall this issue will definitely read easier as a paper book than digital copy.  There are so many splash pages and so much to take in its difficult to enjoy on the limited screen size. In no way does this detract from my overall score for the book in any way though.  If you are a He-Man or Thunder Cats fan this is a book made for you by fans of the properties so soak it up and cherish the material.  I don’t feel like the story was rushed to an ending to accommodate the issue count and the natural progression of heroes and villains each getting their time to shine here was thoroughly enjoyable all the way through.  I know the sales aren’t through the roof crazy but anytime DC wants to publish anymore He-Man or Thunder Cat stories I will jump on that in a heartbeat.

Bits and Pieces:

He-Man and Thunder Cats provides a satisfying conclusion to a pretty epic mini-series, while also continuing to acknowledge these character ‘share’ the Multiverse with fellow DC characters, a nice little callback, if you ask me, for following He-Man stories DC has published.  Come for the characters you loved as a child stay for the great story and fantastic art.



  1. I think the art team has been pretty solid throughout this run.

  2. Great Review again for the awesome ending of an epic crossover!

  3. Thank you Dimitri... this has truly been one of my favorite minis

  4. Mine too!

    Especially this last issue was a blast! The most crazy journey through the Multiverse ever! And Adam gave his best performance as Clark Kent! This was the moment of the week, for me, lol. Williams's artwork has been stellar, through this mini, but in this issue he outdone himself!