Monday, March 13, 2017

Jessica Jones #6 Review and *SPOILERS* - Marvel Monday

Saw That A Mile Away

Written By: Brian Michael Bendis
Art By: Michael Gaydos, Matt Hollingsworth
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 8, 2016
Publisher: Marvel

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

The Jessica Jones book has really raised it’s quality, especially in the last few issues but in the previous issue, we got a cliffhanger that was supposed to suggest that Jessica has legitimately turned her back on and betrayed Captain Marvel. It’s a ridiculous story and one that doesn’t make a lot of sense considering the rest of the book. However, the last issue also gave us real consequences that stemmed from the Secret Wars event and considering how much I liked that story, it’s nice to see it continue in some capacity. However, things have finally come to a head in this book and I can’t wait to see where we go from here. Let’s jump right into it.

Our issue begins with a blast from the past as Jessica Jones defeats Doctor Octopus back in her Jewel days where she meets Carol Danvers for the first time. The two only talk for a moment but just seem to establish a camaraderie between each other. We then cut to the present where Carol is reporting to Commander Carter. Carter asks her about the events at the safe house that she is using as a home base for Jessica. Carol dodges the questions and asks for her trust before she is called away. Carol goes to the safe house where she looks around for Jessica before she is suddenly attacked and weakened. Spot uses the situation in order to lay a beating on Carol while Jessica Jones appears, telling her that she’s turned on her.

We cut to Iron Fist who is meeting up with Luke Cage to confront him about the Misty Knight story. It’s a quick conversation as Luke is quick to let him know that the reporter took the situation out of context and that there is nothing going on between Misty and himself. The conversation switches to Jessica and Luke’s daughter and Danny makes the quick observation that Danielle is most likely with Jessica’s mother because it’s the last place Luke would ever look for her.

We then cut back to Jessica and Carol. This is when Alison Greene reveals herself to Captain Marvel. Carol recognizes her immediately and Alison gloats a while as Spot continues to beat on Carol. Jessica and Carol shout some pretty intense shit at each other during this exchange and are able to get Alison to reveals her upcoming plans. She plans on killing off the new Champions team. Considering the superhero community just had another civil war, the loss would most likely tear the community apart. This is when Jessica and Carol stop pretending. Now, they have all the evidence then need and the two quickly take out Alison and Spot. Carol and Jessica celebrate as much as they can and Carol swears to try and fix things between Jessica and Luke. Jessica asks about the events of Secret Wars at this point but Carol brushes off the question and then gets distracted by Commander Carter. Jessica’s suspicions just grow deeper due to this. Jessica then takes a trip to Pittsburgh to pick up her daughter but when she sees her mother, she knows that something bad has happened. Luke has come by and took Danielle back and he claimed that things between him and Jessica were now over. Jessica breaks down and this is where the issue leaves us.

There’s a few things about this issue that really bother me. For one, the dialogue is subpar and several storylines are wrapped up quickly despite such a lead up to them. The story also became beyond predictable as I absolutely knew that Jessica was still working for Carol. It was obvious and completely took away from that entire scene. That said, for all the problems I have with this issue, I still found it to be incredibly satisfying and I found myself enjoying it. In addition, we are going to see how this story with Luke continues from here. We know they are both going to be in the upcoming Defenders series but we don’t know if they will be together or not. Either way, this issue was good, though not nearly at the quality of the issues leading into it.

Bits and Pieces

Leading into this issue, this series was on a high point and it wavered just a little bit. The ending it incredibly satisfying but aside from the resolution, the book struggles. Storylines are wrapped up quickly, the dialogue isn’t at the same quality and there is an unnecessary scene at the beginning. However, the lead up was so good that it made this issue still enjoyable and I can’t wait to see what comes next.


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