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The Unbelievable Gwenpool #13 Review - Marvel Monday

The Unbelievable Gwenpool  #13

Writer: Christopher Hastings
Art Team: Alti Firmansyah & Gurihiru
Marvel Comics
Release Date: March 8, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

4th Wall Breakers Fight & Unite

Well, well, well we’re back for more with the latest adventures, or misadventures if you will, of the lady from our world stuck in the Marvel U, the Unbelievable Gwenpool.  When we last left our heroine she was stuck in a trap of Arcade’s with her team face to face with Deadpool who seems to be in the exact same predicament.  So do all 4th wall breakers get along or will similarities lead to differences and death? Let’s find out!

Last issue ended with Deadpool confronting the group, when it was surprisingly revealed, the Merc with a Mouth is stuck in the same trap, set by Arcade, as Gwenpool and her former team M.O.D.A.K. pals.  Things appeared to get off on the wrong foot from the jump, and right away we learn this to be true, as Deadpool and Bartoc the Leaper falling down a cavern in mid-fight to begin this issue. Gwen interrupts to save her friend Bartoc, taking a nice chunk out of Deadpool in the process, before being slung aside.  
Before we get any further into the nitty gritty of the events this issue its definitely a forgone conclusion that if you’re a fan of dungeon crawler or RPG video games this story premise is aimed at you and filled with references and jokes you’d enjoy.  From here Gwen recognizes the situation organizing her teammates moves as if attack Deadpool as an ending boss to a dungeon level. 

Eventually Deadpool get the hint, through Gwen’s breaking of the 4th wall, and uses his experience in the matter to turn the tables of Gwen unleashing a little bit of punishment on the girl Deadpool style.  A little mental manipulation, Merc to Merc, wises Deadpool up and the look alike combine their efforts, along with the rest of team M.O.D.A.K., to take down Arcade and get the hell out of his sick game once and for all.

When they finally reach the “mastermind” of this prank Arcade doesn’t put up much of a fight, if any at all, taking a quick kick to the face via Gwen as the ‘heroes’ find their escape from there straight out into Staten Island.  From here Gwen arranges for Tony to meet with Peter Parker, owner of Parker Industries, who hires Tony after he proves his prowess for crafting inventions that impress Peter. 

The issue concludes as Gwenpool once again fails to reunite her remaining team M.O.D.A.K. teammates but in a last ditch effort for companionship decides to track Cecil down whose went back to his hometown, as a ghost in case you forgot.  We get a nice little cliffhanger to lead us into the next story arc setting up an adventure with Cecil after Gwen arrives just in time to save her old pal.

Overall, this was another solid issue of Gwenpool, although I felt like this two part story was rushed to a conclusion rather quickly for one reason or another.  There were a few strange jumps in the story which felt out of place for how the Unbeliavable Gwenpool is usually paced and operates which hurt the overall product a bit.  The art was stellar again as Alti Firmansyah came on to help usual series artist Gurihiru but the differences between the two are pretty indistinguishable and combine for a great effort. 

Bits and Pieces

Although the conclusion to this two part dungeon crawl arc felt a little rushed to make way for the coming stories there is still, as always, plenty to enjoy within the pages of Gwenpool.  This has been and remains one of the most consistently enjoyable and funny books on my pull list. The art is also always treat to behold.


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