Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Super Sons #2 Review

If You Do Meet Reggie...

Written by: Peter Tomasi
Art by: Jorge Jimenez, Alejandro Sanchez and Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 15, 2017

As Reggie would say, this is my jam.  Like everyone else, I had been patiently waiting for Super Sons to drop and when it did, I wanted more, more, more.  I'm sorry if I sound like Andrea True, but I love this book so much.  It's easy to see why, I love both Damian and Jon and Peter Tomasi is playing them off of each other so well.  Plus, Jorge Jimenez's art was fantastic in the first issue and I am betting that doesn't change anytime soon.  So, is this issue just as good or even better than the first? Let's find out...

The issue opens with another prologue with creepy kid Reggie and last issue it seemed right out of the Twilight Zone, but here it gets a bit more crazy.   However, even with the added darkness, when he proclaims himself "Kid Amazo" I could only had best think only good's good that you're making it snow!

We then head off to Metropolis and what I've been waiting a month for...Damian, Jon and Lex!  When Lex asks for an explanation of why they are hanging off the side of the Lex Corps tower, Tomasi gives readers such a great bit of character work with the kid's reactions...Jon is afraid he's in trouble and Damian is annoyed with the interruption.  Perfect indeed!

Then, Damian shows why he's one of my favorite characters when he trash talks Lex for being bald.  Of course, he shows his douchier side when he turns around and pulls a dick move by using Jon as a distraction.  If you want to love Damian, you really need to go Facts of Life philosophy by taking the good and taking the bad. Lex does the right thing and while Damian uses the opportunity to duck into Lexcorp, Jon suddenly gets a pair and kicks Lex in the chops!

As we continue, I like seeing Lex trying to figure out who these special little kids are, but really loved watching Damian outsmart one of the smartest characters in the DCU.  We then see that what Damian was after in Lexcorps ties into those crazy prologues...the break-in was done by that Reggie kid.  It's a cool call out to the New 52 Amazo Virus story.

After Jon helps out (much to the chagrin of Damian), the two head off to find Reggie and his family.  We get more awesome interactions between the two boys (including an explanation of why Jon isn't a Teen Titan!) before things get a bit grizzly.  Again, we are reminded that Jon may be Superboy, but he's still a little boy and Damian is a detective at heart.  The issue then ends with a fantastic looking cliffhanger that promises some ass kicking good times next issue.  

I really, really enjoyed this issue.  Just having Damian and Jon interact is awesome, but throw in Lex and a call back to the Amazo Virus and you have a winner on your hands.  I am hoping Lex stays involved since his mistake is once again causing problems and I just really want him to end up mentoring the boys.  A guy can have dreams, not matter how crazy they are, right?  Jorge Jimenez's art is fantastic throughout this issue and everything is coming together to make this my favorite book out right now.

Bits and Pieces:

This book remains my jam!  The interaction between Jon and Damian is so good that the story is just gravy.  With Lex Luthor, great art and a shoutout to the Amazo Virus, there is so much to like in this issue.  Highly recommended.


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