Monday, March 13, 2017

Old Man Logan #19 Review - Marvel Monday

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Filipe Andrade
Color Artist: Jordan Boyd
Letterer: Cory Petit
Cover Artist: Andrea Sorrentino
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 8, 2017 Review by: Ryan Douglas

Just Say No
Coming off of seeing Logan this week, I couldn't wait jump into this issue and follow Logan as he makes his way back to the Wastelands. We're getting close to Jeff Lemire's final issue of Old Man Logan. So far it's been a strong run leading up to his departure. But let's get to the reason why you're really here.  

The issue opens up at a maximum-security super-prison where Logan breaks in to make his way to the lower level where the worst villains are housed. The guards attempt to use a mech robot to subdue him. After plans not going the guard's way, they give Logan the info he wants.

Now we jump nine days before the previous scene. Logan pays a visit to Magik to asks a favor of her. He catches her up on the previous arc and needs her help to travel back to the Wastelands. Magik makes a good point for why she can’t and won’t help him. For example, she’s not sure if when they do travel if these events have happened in the current timeline. She makes a good point cause the Marvel continuity is a complete mess and they would return to a new number one earth.

Jumping back to the prison, Logan continues to make his way below the prison. Seems his source to get back to the Wastelands in buried deep below The Cellar. While he’s slicing through dudes and making great movie quotes. His break in has caused some attention from the Champion Mile Morales.  We leave the two tussling it out, Miles offering to help Logan.

Going back, we see over the span of eight days Logan travels throughout the world to call for assistance from anyone who can help him time travel. Everyone is turning him down and what’s nothing to do with it. One person, in particular, decides to at least hear him out before turning him down. He at least lets Logan use his bathroom to take a whiskey piss.

Returning back to present day, Logan set’s free several villains to give Miles something to do while he continues his hunt. He’s finally found the one person who he will have to offer a deal to get him back to the Wastelands. The reveal is a deep cut and will put a grin on a long time Dr. Strange fans. Now we’ll see how this will all play out. What sort of deal can Logan offer to a powerful villain who hasn’t seen light in ages?

Jeff Lemire makes Logan jump some hoops first before he can just place his feet in the Wastelands. Which I appreciated, makes it more authentic and somewhat grounded. He could have skipped over that just landed us right in the Wastelands. There are plenty of great cameos and comedic moments to make for a fun read. You can tell Jeff Lemire is still continuing to put his heart into this title before departing from Marvel. The art took some getting used to after my love for the previous art. But once I settled into the book I thoroughly enjoyed it. My two favorite titles, Old Man Logan and Spider-Woman are losing its current writers. New comic book day for Marvel books will never be the same for me after this month.

Bits and Pieces:

Logan must jump through several hoops before he can travel to the Wastelands. Some great cameos are thrown in to assist the plot. Now that Logan has someone who can help him travel back. The next issue should pick up more than what we’re given. I’m eager to catch up with Baby Hulk and Dannie Rand! Overall, a good start to this arc.


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