Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Trinity #7 Review

The Pits

Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Clay Mann, Miguel Mendonca, Johnny Desjardins, Brad Anderson and Steve Wands
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 15, 2017

Trinity was going to be my book.  Mine, Mine, Mine... I was looking forward to it the moment it was announced and so greedily snatched it up that I'm sure Eric and Reggie looked to see if I was wearing an Orange Ring.  By the way, I was.  I thought this was going to be the place to be for great art and great stories involving the three best characters DC has to offer.  Hey, at least I got the first part, right?  The art has been stellar throughout, but the story has been subpar and has left me wanting so much more. So, with Cullen Bunn jumping on this month, do I finally get both?  Let's find out...

We start out the issue with a little Indiana Jones feel outside of Kahndaq and if you believe anything me and eric say, you agree that nothing good happens in Kahndaq!  If you weren't paying attention to the cover of this issue then you might be thrown off a bit at the start because we get a little Ra's al Ghul narration.  He tells of being called to this tomb through dreams and visions and I just thought...what the fuck does this have to do with the Trinity?

That's when Super Lex shows up in all his glory and after some tense introductions with Ra's, we realize that they've both been called to the tomb by someone... someone named Circe!  Okay, I get it now, this is a Dark Trinity.  But there is already one of those in Red Hood and the Outlaws and Lex is a good guy now.  What gives?

It seems that Circe wants to show Lex and Ra's the Pandora Pits...they are not Lazarus Pits, they are Pandora Pits and after a brief (revised?) history of Pandora she tells them some evils never emerged into our world when her box was opened.  That doesn't sound like a good thing to me!

Suddenly on cue, that evil emerges in the shape of a ghastly Composite Trinity to test the three of their worthiness.  To win, they have to conquer their fears and defeat their pasts, which means that the proper bad guy sees Wonder Woman, Batman or Superman as they fight.

The issue ends with an uneasy victory with each character wanting to do something different to this new found power source.  However, the cliffhanger shows the decision may already have been made.
Dum, Dum...DUMB!

Yea, I am still wondering what I just read.  It's always cool seeing villains form an uneasy alliance, but Lex isn't a villain and Ra's doesn't play well with others.  I know Circe is a powerful witch, but she didn't cast any spell on me because I spent my time reading this issue shaking my head and looking for the exit.  This kind of issue could be forgiven on a twice a month shipper to allow the creative team to play catchup in the main story, but this is a monthly book and this is ridiculous after only one story arc. Whether anyone will admit it or not, something went wrong here.  Check out the original solicit for this issue and decide for yourselves.

The art was even a bit down this issue, but I blame that more on the dark nature of the setting than anything else.  It did match the dark, fairy tale tone of the issue.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue came out of nowhere and in a book that still hasn't gotten it's footing, felt strange.  Instead of giving us Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, we get a sort of Dark Trinity story that had no real beginning or end.  This book was struggling to keep my attention and this may have been the last straw.



  1. They had a story planned and written by Francis Manapul and it got pulled because it was deemed too political so they had Cullen Bunn do this arc instead for a few issues then Manapul will be back not that any of this matters cause this title is a total disappointment.

  2. I gave up on this title last month after 6 issues of a weak story. Saw this #7 on stands today and flipped through it and it looked pretty mediocre. Trinity could have been a great DC title. I mean they have the three greatest characters in their universe and the opportunity to write adventures that don't deal with the entire Justice League but instead what we're getting is a total crap shoot.