Saturday, March 18, 2017

Kill or Be Killed #7 Review

Written by: Ed Brubaker
Art by: Elizabeth Breitweiser, Sean Phillips
Release Date: March 15, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99
Review by: Ryan Douglas

Let’s take a moment to focus something other than our vigilante and his doings. 

If you're expecting more of Dylan’s story, you won’t find much in this issue. That’s nothing to worry about, though. We get to delve into the life of another important character in this series and that’s Kira. We’ve gotten somewhat of her backstory in the first arc. But Ed Brubaker decides to take a break from the vigilante side of things and focus on something else.

We catch up with Kira at a doctor’s appointment,  it’s not clear how long she has been seeing a psychiatrist. She decided to take a new look and has dyed her hair since we last saw her. During her session, she provides the reader a deeper look into the family background and the bad luck streak they’ve had. Rolling over into the present regarding her mother’s current health state. We also learn more about her parent's past relationship.
Kira takes it upon herself to finally visit her mother in the hospital. The relationship between the two isn’t the greatest. Kira still seems to hold a grudge for the way she treated her father. Her mother is the kind of person who has no problem saying what’s on her mind. She tells Kira to relax and get laid so she isn’t so tense.
That brings Kira to think of Dylan and the first time they met. At a karaoke bar, she saw something crack inside him while singing a Joni Mitchell song. From there they spent hours telling each other of their family secrets.

Kira decides to go to Dylan and Mason’s apartment. When no one answers, she takes it upon herself to use her spare key. Once she enters the apartment, even she knows this isn’t the best idea being in the apartment of her two ex-boyfriends. While she is reminiscing on the past, she hears Dylan coming in. With nowhere to go, she decides to hide in his closest. Unfortunately for her, she has to hear Dylan and Daisy have sex. She starts to think of the parallels between both her and her mother. But while she sits in the closest, next to her she finds a clue that will likely lead Kira to confront Dylan.

Although the story doesn’t pick up where we left off the last issue. This was the perfect break from Dylan's story to develop a character who’s been in the forefront this whole time. We got a glance of Kira’s past in the first arc. But now that her story is flushed out, I feel more emotionally connected to Kira than Dylan. With the reveal at the end of the issue, it’s safe to say Kira has a big stake in the story moving forward. It should go without saying, the art continues to be top notch. The art helps portray each character's expression. Helping me become attached to each character and dialed into their dialogue.

Bits and Pieces:
While we take a break from the main plot and flush out Kira’s character. You’ll get emotionally attached to her after you finish this issue. But don’t worry, though. In no way would I consider this a down issue in any sorts. By the end, the issue will still move the overall story forward. 


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  1. Said "Oh shit!?" by the end of this issue. In retrospect the twist or reveal seems like something that would be obvious but somehow it still came as a complete surprise.