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Cougar and Cub #4 Review

Cougar and Cub #4 Review

Writer: Nick Marino, Rosie Knight
Art: Daniel Arruda Massa
Action Lab Danger Zone
Release Date: April 26, 2017
Cover Price: $2.99 on Comixology

It’s ‘Cub-bberin’ Time  

One of the early hidden independent comedy gems of the year is back for the fourth issue, in this currently DIGITAL ONLY series, created by Nick Marino, Daniel Arruda Massa, and Rosie Knight. The book thus far has taken an over the top comedic approach to tackling the inherent ridiculousness that comes from mixed sex super hero team-ups. Our most recent events have led to the team of Cougar and Cub separating from each other, only making their individual situations all the more dire, concluding in a beat down for Cougar at the hands of our villains the ‘Rouges’.  Will the heroes be able to mend fences and come together once more putting an end to this evil scheme once and for all? Well, let’s find out, and see what craziness awaits us as this title races to its conclusion.

Things pick up in issue four, right after Cougar “Got Pounded” by the villains who snuck into the Cat Hole, and to say she’s (Cougar) in rough shape would be absolutely discrediting to the hard work these villains put into this beating.  Cub and Esmeralda, the Alfred of our story, manage to scoop our heroine up off the ground, attempting to patch up her many wounds that need attention, as Cub reflects on just why these villains are so ‘angry’. The following pages are some beautifully drawn flashback scenes, done in a silver/golden age art style, which just look stunning. Shout out to Daniel Arruda Massa, the story artist, for providing such a visual treat, while also filling the readers in on the history between our ‘Rouges’ and the title character. It’s a shame this is a digital only title, because these pages deserve an individual print copy damnit! You hear me Action Labs Danger Zone! (Old man yelling at digital clouds)

In present day once again, Cougar is able to muster just enough strength to hint to Cub what the villains have discovered about them ... if your not privy, they know they bumped ugly's and their secret identities. This sends Cub into one of his patented fits of rage which per usual results in the sidekick potentially getting into a situation that is a little over his head. Despite the odds stacked largely against the lover boy sidekick he rides off into action to confront the ‘Rouges’ in an effort to put an end to these shenanigans once and for all.

Upon his arrival to the hideout, its obvious Cub isn’t taken too serious by the bad guys when all alone, which results in the ‘Rouges’ sending out only the villain named Diaper Rash, to fight a solo Cub, as the rest of the Rouges watch on with glee. If you come to this book for the over the top humor and the ridiculous nature of the powers on display in this universe you get quite a ‘shit show’ to conclude this fight … and I mean this literally.

Despite the fact Cub is able to climb to the top of Shit Mountain, he's only provided a brief moment of jubilation, before being snuck up upon and gang stomped by the remaining villains who capture Cub and are now planning his demise to end this issues events.  

Is Cub doomed to die as a ‘paw-n’ in this evil plan? Is Cougar capable of averting this heinous ‘cat-tastrophe’? Keep your underwear clean and your claws keen because all will soon be seen in our final chapter next issue.  (Credit to Nick Marino for this paragraph directly from the book, I’m definitely not clever enough to come up with this many cat puns!)

To wrap up my thoughts about this issue I don’t know how many different ways I can say that Nick Marino, Rosie Knight, and Daniel Arruda Massa have a winning creative title on their hands and are very much deserving of a little bit of your attention. Although I understand the title may not be up everybody’s alley if you’re a fan of satire comic books at all this would definitely be something you'd enjoy and I say that with sincerity. This is a title much more creative and clever than its given credit for with a truly enjoyable and unique art style, any fan of a Batman ’66 or Wonder Woman TV style type comic books, would find enjoyment in.

Bits and Pieces

The penultimate issue of Cougar and Cub continues to hit the right comedy beats, while being accompanied by some beautiful art, and ultimately concluding events with the ‘Rouges’ winning the day, setting the stage for an interesting final showdown and a much earned conclusion to this comedic satire romp I find nothing but a lot of enjoyment in.


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