Monday, May 1, 2017

Hellcat #17 Review - Marvel Monday

Written by: Kate Leth
Artist: Brittney L. Williams
Color Artist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Cover by: Brittney L. Williams
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 26, 2017
Review by: Ryan Douglas

Fire in her eyes….burn...

The latest Hellcat title has been a guilty pleasure since it started. She has been one of my favorite Marvel characters since being a part of the Defenders. While this isn’t the take on her I was ecstatic for. I’ll take any Hellcat comic I can get it. Kate Leth and her creative team are wrapping up their series with this final issue. This continues the ax Marvel is laying down moving forward. Let’s get into this finale to the one and only Patsy Walker.

Today is Patsy’s lucky day, she receives an envelope in the mail from her best friend Jen Walters (Hulk). Who had been out of commission for awhile during Civil War 2. Inside the envelope, Jen has written to Patsy to inform her she was able to finally pull some lawyer strings. Helping Patsy obtain royalties for the republished comic the series tackled at the beginning and has sent Patsy her first royalty check. Cha-ching! Jen also goes on to say that she hasn’t forgotten about Patsy and they will be reconnected soon. This makes Patsy a very happy Hellcat to find out her best friend doesn’t hate her and she’s now rich!

Patsy is feeling very generous and treats Telekinian, Tom Hale, and Jubilee to a shopping spree. But after several wardrobe changes, some new villains pay the group a visit at the mall. They aren’t the most intimidating villains and are faking the funk. The leader of the two is as tall as me, has a hot temper, and her partner in crime is that awkward teen who isn’t buying her friends plan.

Once the villains are found out to be frauds and revealed to be the Walker Stalkers from the beginning of the series. Taking off the silly costumes they stole from Hot Topic they have a meal with the main cast. Danica mentions to Patsy she’s been tracking her by using social media. When she found out Patsy was, in fact, a real-life superhero outside her books. She figured by dressing up a villain this would give them a chance to hang out. That’s one way to weirdly stalk to an idol. The two friends begin to bicker amongst each other and Telekinian is able to pick up on the fact Danica is in fact in love with her best friend in crime.

After Telekinian and his boyfriend, Tom is done playing matchmaker between the best friends. Jubilee and Patsy have a moment to close out the issue.  She lets Patsy know that how she feels appreciated and thankful for the chance to work with her. Patsy tells Jubilee she’s grateful for all the new friends she’s met along the way since opening her temp agency. The last page is devoted to showing us all the characters Patsy has encountered during this series. The end.

This issue had all the feels for a finale. The use of the Jen Walters and Walker Stalkers was a great way to wrap the story in an emotional way. Hellcat is definitely a title aimed at a certain audience. I’ll give Marvel credit for letting this play out as long as it did and giving Kate Leth the opportunity to tell her story. Her finale is no way felt crammed to wrap up her story. While I wasn’t completely sold on this taking of Hellcat I stuck with every issue in hopes to win me over. Sadly enough this issue finally won me over only to be the finale. My hopes are they bring back a Hellcat title post Secret Empire. Being an OG Defender and in the Marvel, Netflix universe should boost the popularity to reincarnate the beloved Patsy Walker. Maybe we can get a team book between Patsy Walker, Jen Walters, and Jessica Drew. Wishful thinking I guess.

Bits and Pieces:

Kate Leth wraps up her series with an emotional ending using Patsy’s best friend and antagonists introduced from the start of the title. If you weren’t reading the series this issue will finally win you over only to be saddened it’s ending. Crossing fingers we get a team up book between Hellcat, Hulk, and Spider-Woman. I’d buy it and I bet others will too with the right promotion.


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