Monday, May 1, 2017

Occupy Avengers #6 Review - Marvel Monday

Your Screwing with my Skrull Right?

Writer: David F. Walker
Artists: Gabriel Hernandez Walta and Jordie Bellaire
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 26, 2017
Review by: Aaron Anderson

When we last left Clint Barton and his team of misguided, maladjusted misfits, they had just stumbled into a town known for its shit. They then proceeded to fall up to their necks into it metaphorically speaking. This town in Iowa also is harboring Skrull defectors. Now men in black suits are in town also with a little time to kill...

We jump back in time 12 hours to get a little one sided dialogue with Wheels at home receiving the phone call from Clint needing help fixing the van from Nick Fury. Wheels I am assuming is a tech wizard that is why Clint needs his help. Wheels reluctantly agrees to help Clint. So we jump back to the present where all hell has broken loose.

The men in black want all the Skrull residing in the town and they are willing to kill everyone if that's what it takes. Red Wolf, Tilda, Wheels and Clint don't intend to let that happen, without a fight.

Red Wolf takes out two guys in a car in some ridiculous 80's action fashion. Tilda takes out one guy using what appears to be a butter knife, against his alien Blast Cannon! And just when Tilda is about to get her neck broken by the second guy a child Skrull shoots her attacker in the head on panel.

Meanwhile, Wheels is discovering that the van Nick Fury gave them has some kind of artificial intelligence and it needs to neural link with Wheels to access its "practical weapons", which sounds interesting. A battle robot van hooked to your brain fighting against evil, Zoids style.
BUT NNOOOOO... Wheels is a cripple so it takes the whole issue to interface the van with Wheels before this broke ass van will work.

Hawkeye hides behind a car. Red Wolf joins him and Tilda follows the child Skrull's lead trying to flank the men in black. Whose leader turns out to be... Super Skrull!! And I'm left asking myself why do I care.

Bits and Pieces:

The art on this arc of Occupy is a big step down from the previous arc.  I feel like David Walker knew it also. Which lead to him over-writing this issue. Everything is just over the top with so much explanation.  The 'Tech Genius' Wheels' conversation with the van felt so forced. How is he not understanding what the van is telling him?  The use of gratuitous violence in an attempt to elicit any sort of a emotional response was more off putting and tasteless due to the fact I have no attachment to these characters.  The coloring is just muddy and uninspiring. I believe the letterer even gives up at the end changing Clint's dialogue box from purple to poop green, and I'm left wondering what happened to the witty humor, the captivating colors, and the action packed art.



  1. I liked this issue better than the last one and I thought the art was better too I think Walta is getting the hang of drawing Hawkeye, his head doesn't looks like a potato like it did in the last issue I'm still digging this book.

  2. I think Hawkeye was only in two to three panels this time, and that is why he was able to draw him better. The lack of confidence in the artist was totally noticeable in the writing. The story could have been accomplished in four pages. This definitely would have been a Forget it all together on your segment for me. I liked issues 1-4 so much I will continue reading till the next arc.