Thursday, May 4, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 5/3/17

Color Me Impressed

Yahoo! Another week of DC Comics can only bring one thing: another week of DC Comics' covers! Actually, most of the books get a 1:1 variant, so they bring two things. Unless they only have the one cover, like the Rise and Fall of Captain Atom. That comic didn't make the list anyway, but which ones did? Well go ahead and find out!

Green Arrow #22 variant
Mike Grell
I've got to give this one an Honorable Mention, because we haven't seen Mike Grell draw Green Arrow in a little while and this image is pretty great. The lack of color, however, keeps it off the list proper, and it's a great segue to said list because this week it's all about some amazing coloring!

Harley Quinn #19
Amanda Conner and Alex Sinclair
This cover is a goof that is reminiscent of Golden Age comic book covers, where the titular character might hold the corner enticingly. I love a gimmick that breaks the fourth wall, I love that Harley Quinn is yelling at Harley Quinn, and the composition is pretty bold.

Green Lantern Corps #22 variant
Emanuela Lupacchino and Michael Atiyeh
How great would it be if dying of asphyxiation meant that all the flesh vanished from your skull, leaving a bleached, grinning face as evidence of your demise? Composition is great, etc., but it's all about the skull-headed Lanterns for me here. If the characters themselves changed to having skulls for heads for any reason, I'd probably like the book twice as much.

Aquaman #22
Brad Walker, Andrew Hennesy & Gabe Eltab
Here's an interesting one--and not just because I usually give the Aquaman variants the nods on this list. This picture is very dynamic in its constrained space, perhaps having more potential energy or tension than typical high-flying superhero fare. The color shift from red to green helps this composition out a little, too. I wish more interior panels in comics looked like this cover, it's really quite gripping.

Justice League #20 variant
Nick Bradshaw and Alex Sinclair
Here the colorist (Alex Sinclair) tells a lot of the story as we see the Justice League standing atop an infinite pile of bodies belonging to...the Justice League? I haven't been reading this series for a few months, but this cover sure makes me interested. I also like Nick Bradshaw's beefy-looking Superman, he looks more like the 'roided-out Jersey Shore scrapper I believe he truly would be in real life.

Superman #22 variant
Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez
Here's a cover whose composition is owed almost entirely to a brilliant sense of color. From the explosive yellow to the deepened blacks, this cover is an entire range of emotions in one image. And that's not to impugn the art by Jorge Jimenez, which is great. But if you took away his art and just left swatches of color in the same locations, I predict you would have the same visceral feeling from it. Fabulous job, Mr. Sanchez.

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