Saturday, May 6, 2017

Extremity #3 Review and **Spoilers**

Writer: Daniel Warren Johnson
Artist: Daniel Warren Johnson
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: May 3, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

On paper you’d expect a Mad Max style revenge story in a futuristic post-apocalyptic fantastical world would probably end up feeling a little cliché or pieced together to feel original or fun. But to my great surprise Extremity has become one of my favorite reads currently going as I anxiously wait for each new issue.
This issue we kick off with another flashback. This time as Thea, along with her parents, is visiting the Great Mother who tells the children of all tribes their future affinity. We see Thea not really looking forward to this as she is already the best artist of all the tribes, she doesn’t want to hear anything else she could have an affinity for. Thankfully for her, the Great Mother agrees and proclaims her artist.

We contrast this immediately with Thea in the current time struggling to sketch a passing wolf. Her father comes along and tries to reassure her by showing his own sketching skills and showing the difference, then comes to equate her sketching to remembering her name. She is attempting to remember what the Great Mother told her when she was young, and to her father that is more important. I can’t help but think about the contrast between the fathers interactions between Thea and her Brother. Thea has seemingly given up more in this long winded struggle, but the fathers softness seems to still come about from expectations rather than perceived struggles. With the daughter he’s proud and soft, but with the son he is disappointed and stern.

Before we jump into our big action set piece of the issue we get another chunk of world building. We learn more about, Shilow, the robot found from the previous issue. Tucked under his helmet, located along with his power source, is a self-destruct or terminate button. This bit was a little conveniently timed and could have taken a little longer to become relevant rather than a few pages later. Besides this though, we get some glimpses of pictures or drawing, possibly new clippings, that the Thea’s brother has been saving when coming across them. From these images we get the broad understanding that the world fell to war and suffered some kind of cataclysmic end, but shortly after something tentacle-like and evil rose up from the ground. 

Our last bit for this issue gives us our monthly dose of action from the title. As the Paznina are seemingly stopped for a leisurely hunt, Thea and her clan decide to use this opportunity for an attack. With launching a bloodied pup of the animal previously seen in the last issue, they ride atop the mother as she smells her child and attacks the Paznina’s ship. During the fray, Rollo comes under danger and that is when Shiloh’s previous programming takes over and he unleashes a complete massacre of the Paznina. Finally another person implicit in Thea losing her arm is dealt with as the search for vengeance continues.
I said it at the top, and this issue continues the trend, but I am really liking this book. In three issues it’s packed a lot of small tidbits in while still managing to tell a direct and emotional story. If I had any real complaint I think it’d have to be the development of some side characters like Rollo or the man with the eyepatch(who also keeps bird food in the eye socket for the hark that is regularly with him). I don’t even know that last guy’s name, but I just want to know more. The brother, Rollo, is similar. He’s getting his development with Shiloh, but it more comes off as developing Shiloh himself rather than Rollo getting any real development. Right now it’s the Theo and Abba show, and while it’s definitely nothing to complain about, I just want a little bit more.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue continues to be a great surprise. It continues to build on world building and emotional story telling while delivering some ruthless action. Only downside is it lacks a little in development for any characters other than Thea and her Father.


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