Saturday, May 6, 2017

Everafter: From The Pages Of Fables #9 Review

Written by: Dave Justus and Lilah Surges
Art by: Travis Moore and Michael Wiggam
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 3, 2017
Review by: Travis Laborde 

So, what's happening with our kids in the school?  Did they get their demand for condoms and pizza?  We don't know.  What do we know?  That this book comes with some seriously good art and absolutely no shame for its game.  When its game is just telling a wild and crazy story about goats without heads, goat heads without bodies, and the cutest talking frog I've ever seen.

So, it seems as if the three kids have somehow erected a barrier around the school.  Looks like a cube of dark energy or something.  No one can get in our out.  The team and the police are trying to work on communications.  They bring in some kid - the first human to get Fable powers.  He goes up to the cube and asks to come in and talk to them - alone.  They allow him, but as he's going in, a cop decides to go in as well.  The portal closes cutting his body in half.

Then it gets crazy.  The head of a goat lands on a cop's neck and bites him.  And tons of goats attack.  Some with heads.  Some with bodies.  Whatever.  This is the craziest battle I've ever made myself read.  In the end, a couple of the Fables lure them away and then get to a safe house to make plans.  There is some ghost woman there with bleeding eyes who attacks.

Then the team decodes a message coming from the kid who just went into the cube.. He says he isn't sure if anyone is listening anymore since he's been in there for 16 years, but he has to warn them...  Something big is going to happen soon.

Bits and Pieces:

I'll be honest here - I can't give this more than a 7.5 rating simply because it all just seems like crazy time.  However it was entertaining, and I love the frog.  And the art was simply gorgeous.


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