Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Green Arrow #22 Review

It's Not Easy Being Green

Written by: Benjamin Percy
Art by: Juan Ferreyra and Nate Piekos
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: May 3, 2017

Last issue had the greatest thing that ever happened to me and Eric in it (HERE), but it was also a solid start to the Rise of Star City arc.  While we watched Broderick gather his Four Horseman, we also got to see Oliver figure out a bit more of his father's dark past and it all looks like it's heading on a collision course.  I really can't see how Green Arrow is going to get out of all of this, but I'm already enjoying watching him try.  Does that all continue this week?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with Victoria Much on the scene of the Sea-Tac disaster.  You know, the one that included the deaths of two nice guys with a DC Comics website and podcast.  Yea, it looks like Cheshire did a number and the death toll just keeps rising.  While it's still a horrific scene (that looks amazing), Green Arrow shows up to give a helping hand.  Just a little step towards public redemption, but I loved seeing it.

We see that the rest of Seattle is in trouble too.  Dinah is helping with the building collapse (caused by Brick last issue), but Henry tells her that even more are in danger and it's easy to see that Team Arrow is in way over it's head.  Emiko is helping as well and I had to laugh when the whole bug infestation problem is brought still feels so minor to plane crashes, building collapses and fires.

Of course, that was all Eddie Fyers doing and I guess he is sick of being made fun of because he ups his game here and causes some killer traffic problems.  That is until Oliver shows up and gives him a beatdown.  Before it's over, though, Eddie spills the beans on the big picture plan and that only ends when Cheshire and Brick show up.

I just want to pause a second to mention that while Juan Ferreyra's art is great this entire issue, this extended fight scene is so awesome.  Seeing Ollie kick ass and get his kicked looked so good and even as our hero ran away, I had a huge smile on my face.

We then head to the fourth Horseman, Mayor Domini, who is doing an interview with Victoria Much (hardest worker in Seattle news!) and she spells it out plain and clear...Domini is all about himself and what can benefit him meaning the disaster that is Seattle at the moment.

We then get a very upsetting scene with Ollie and Dinah.  I know they haven't always seen eye to eye since getting back together, but this fight here is bad and may just be the beginning of the end for them.  At the least, it sends Canary storming off while Oliver is determined to get back his and his family's legacy.

We end with Henry recruiting a friend to join the battle, just as things go from bad to worse.  I'm going to tell you, there is nothing like having a fan favorite character in big danger to get people back next issue.

The Rise of Star City is still in the setup mode, but things are looking dire for Team Arrow and the Four Horseman have stepped to the plate and look like they are big hitters indeed.  Ben Percy is tearing down Seattle, but also Oliver and those closest to him.  Now matter what happens, I don't think they will be the same after this.

I love Juan Ferreyra and did before he put us in last issue of Green Arrow.  Of course, that only made me love him more, but you don't have to die an awful death in a comic to see that he is one of the top artists in the game right now.  His art is above good and is just getting better and better.

Bits and Pieces:

The Rise of Star City arc is off and running and with great art by Juan Ferreyra and a story by Benjamin Percy that is tearing apart Green Arrow from every direction, I am enjoying it.  Seattle is being torn apart, but so is Oliver's world and it's the later that has me most intrigued.  Those wanting to jump onto this book should give this arc a look see.



  1. I dont think i wanna see ollie dinah break up.. as the solicits have been hinting for the upcoming issues.. but still, i am a green arrow fan and i will continue reading this.. fingers crossed that the finale is explosive and mind blowing..

    1. I want them to stay together...weird that Ollie listened to Dinah earlier on in the series, but now he wants to get his life back, she is pissed

    2. I think, in the end, they'll kiss and make up.. i hope.. i'm also weirded by the fact that dinah doesn't want ollie to have his life back.. i mean shouldn't she be more supportive to him since they're a couple? Then she mentions while in argument with him that she's nobody's girl.. little confused here since the whole point in rebirth is to get these relationships back together, i think..

    3. I agree with you 100%...seems like Percy is making her a bit of a jerk so when they split up, you don't blame Ollie since this is his book