Friday, May 26, 2017

Curse Words #5 Review

That Wizord Is One Sexy Man

Written by: Charles Soule
Art by: Ryan Browne, Michael Garland and Chris Crank
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 17, 2017
Review by: Josh Vermillion

After a slower fourth issue, I’m fully expecting an action packed fifth one. This book has looked fantastic from the start, and the story is really starting to grab me and make me want to keep reading. It’s always over the top and fun, so let’s jump in and see if that trend continues.

So this entire issue is pretty much a battle between Wizord and Ruby Stitch, but really it’s just Wizord trying to avoid Ruby Stitch and her super powerful sword from the last issue. It starts with Wizord jumping back onto the plane he was on before stopping a tsunami last issue, but Ruby Stitch transforms into a giant red bird and flies up to get to him. She rips off the top of the plane and Margaret goes flying. Wizord shoots the last bit of his magic at Margaret, telling her to fly away.

After some arguing back and forth, Ruby Stitch throws Wizord’s magic-less body out of the plane, but stops him from hitting the ground and getting out of this with an easy death. Just as she is about to attack Wizord again, Margaret, also in the form of a bird, comes in and knocks her out of the way. This gives Wizord a chance to run into one of the Vegas casinos and power up his magic on the belief of the people inside.

Before the fight picks back up, we see a younger Ruby Stitch and Wizord back on Hole World holding a baby, which they agree to name Margaret. I was questioning it at first too, but in the back of the book Charles Soule says that it is the same Margaret, but none of them realize the relationship. So getting back to the battle, Ruby Stitch clearly has the upper hand, even with Wizord gaining a little power back in Vegas. She even breaks his staff in half, ending his chances of defeating her.

With Wizord kneeling in front of her, he tells her to do what she must, but that if she stayed and helped him, they could finally be free of Sizzajee. She decides not to bring him in, but as soon as she makes her choice, Sizzajee cuts off her power source as well, draining her of her powers. The issue, and the first arc, ends with a view of Sizzajee having taken over the stadium full of people that Wizord had transported to his Perfect World in the second issue.

As the arc has gone along, we’ve gotten a better look at who Wizord is as a character, and that has helped me enjoy the book even more. Although we still don’t have much backstory of his time on Hole World before Earth, it’s still a really fun book with plenty of intrigue going forward. As usual, the art, and especially the colors, in this book are fantastic. Ryan Browne and Michael Garland have a different style that works perfectly with the crazy world that Charles Soule has created.

Bits and Pieces:

While I still want to know more about Wizord’s past when he was on Hole World, the final issue of the first arc set up a lot of different things going forward that should lead to more of the wacky fun I’ve come to expect from this book. Combine that intrigue with beautiful art and coloring, and you’ve got yourself a pretty good series.


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