Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Detective Comics #957 Review

Written by: James Tynion IV and Christopher Sebela
Art by: Carmen Carnero, Karl Story, Richard Friend, Javier Mena and Sal Cipriano
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: May 24, 2017

While I thought that the League of Shadows story was a disappointment after getting so much setup leading into it, I was happy to see the focus put on Cassandra Cain.  This book's appeal lives and dies with the members of "The Detective Squad" and for a bit there, it was looking like it was just turning into another Batman book.  One of the members I really wanted to see more of was Stephanie Brown, but after Tim Drake's "death", she quit the Team and I was worried she would just fade into the shadows, never to be heard from again.  I know, that is silly, but I get worried about things, real or not...that's just who I am.  So, when I saw what this issue was about, I got pretty pumped.  So, now that I read it, am I still pumped?  Let's find out...

The issue opens showing a donuts loving Harvey Bullock guarding the Batsignal that really is under some heavy duty protection.  We get a Stephanie Brown narration about what Gotham is all about, especially the villains.  Of course, it's all about Batman.

It's a pretty slow moving opening as we see Steph shut down the signal and explain's a signal for the people of Gotham to let Batman solve their problems and she want to end that.  The big problem I have with this and the issue in general is why?  I understand that after Tim she was upset and maybe questioned if Batman's way is the right way, but it seems like she is just setting a lot of people up to die.

We move on to the big bad of the issue...Wrath.  He explains his idea of Gotham and is really obsessed with getting Batman's attention.  It's an odd scene that mixes in some humor as Wrath's television broadcast doesn't go as scheduled and as his men go to fix the problem, Steph is on the prowl.

She takes down Wrath's men and then heads to him as she continues to explain herself to the reader while Wrath keeps waiting for Batman to show up.  Unfortunatley for him, it's Steph who has the final say this time and even if she "cheats', it still lets her win.

Afterwards, she heads to see Bullock and it really feels like the start of another GCPD/vigilante relationship that would fit well in a Spoiler solo book.  The issue ends with the police getting all the credit for taking down Wrath and Stephanie is happy to let that be the way of things.  However, the cliffhanger shows that she may want to stay in the shadows, but she has already gotten the attention of some pretty bad dudes.

I have to admit it, I was pretty bored reading this issue.  Maybe it was the over use of narration, the fact that not a whole lot happens here, but I found myself wondering when the issue was going to end about halfway through...not a good sign.  I would like a Stephanie Brown solo book, but I already did going into this issue.

I did really like Carmen Carnero's art.  Everything looked great and I would like to see his talents on the book more going forward.

Bits and Pieces:

I love Stephanie Brown and was excited to see her in this issue, but overall it was pretty boring.  I did love the art and the cliffhanger was interesting, but I can't recommend this issue to anyone except those desperate to some Spoiler action.



  1. Me too, i like spoiler and have been missing her ever since she went missing in action after the forgotten victims arc finished. I want me some stephanie brown action. Isnt spoiler supposed to be a good guy and with batman's side? why is she acting like an anti hero. I know shes still heartbroken with tim gone, but i think she shouldnt have moved away from the team, now that freakin anarchy took an interest with her. I want her back in the team now james tynion!!

    1. Exactly...I love her, but not as an anti hero

  2. Yammer, yammer, yammer... good Lord, this was a talky issue. And Stephanie comes off as stupid beyond belief. The security guard that died is on her, because Batman wasn't there to stop Wrath earlier. Good work, genius! At least the art was good.
    Don't know if this is the beginning of a new arc or not; but this isn't really pulling me back in to make this a must buy. If Tynion doesn't impress me in the next few issues, I'm dropping this one.

  3. I really liked this issue. At first thought it was due to the last arc or two being pretty bad and this looking great in comparison, but read it a second time and still really enjoyed it. I like the idea of what Spoiler is doing, and getting her inner monologue while kind of droning on, I think it's worked better as a single focus issue than stuff like the Cass issue.

  4. I'm glad I dropped this book I keep up with it digitally or at least I try, I just don't like Tynion's take on Batman when Batman shows up or is not getting his ass kicked.

  5. I was bored with this by page three, I like Steph but she's so obviously wrong - does she really think the loony mass murderers will step away if the heroes retire? Nope, they try all the harder to get Batman's attention and yet more people will die.

    And was this villain meant to be a parody? Just shut up, no one cares.

    And while I like the individual panels, the storytelling of the signal sequence didn't work for me, I couldn't follow Steph's spoilerness.

    1. totally with you Martin. I love Steph, but not this Steph!!! And Wrath was treated like a total joke.

  6. It could be worse. At least they're not trying to hinge an entire civil war on a stupid character obviously being wrong...