Saturday, May 27, 2017

X-O Manowar #3 Review

X-O Manowar #3

Writer: Matt Kindt
Art Team: Tomas Giorello, David Mack, Zu Orzu, Diego Rodriguez
Valiant Comics
Release Date: May 24, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

Aric-zander the Great

When Valiant re-released a title called X-O Manowar several years back, and fifty issues ago, I’m fairly convinced they knew what they had on their hands because X-O Manowar is just such a bad ass attention grabbing name.  Fast forward to 2017 three issues into a new relaunch, set in a future off Earth for our hero, and it remains as bad ass as it began all that time ago.  Seriously though pick up a new issue of X-O Manowar; I have nothing but people thanking me for telling them to spend $3.99! These are strange times indeed so let’s check out issue three and see if that momentum keeps up.

Issue three starts with an introduction of sorts, sheading some light on this title enemy’s origin a bit. The first act also provides some insight on just why Aric has been forced into war by group that recruited him, setting the stage fully as everyone begins the attack on ‘the Royal Palace ‘we’ve built up to so far through the first two issues.

With X-O, and his team of select soldiers, who I’m growing rather fond of, taking command of the communications tower (see end of issue two) they start work on the second half of their mission … taking out the Cadmium President while still under attack.  X-O assigns Bruto, the ‘tech’ guy, the task of calling over a vehicle to their location in an attempt to chase down the fleeing President, which he does so successfully and brutally, to free the crew from doom just in time.  

As they attempt to chase down the President, in a sweet flying car race, they find out their own General is about to ‘Begin a Bombardment’ on the city while they’re still in it! The group feels totally betrayed when communications are cut after being sent on this second mission, essentially condemning this group to death along with their enemies. X-O has other ideas in mind besides dying today though, all the while attempting in earnest to chase down their oppressor, however ultimately failing to reel him in by the end but finding a small victory in survival based on the situation they were placed in.

The story wraps up with the General who setup X-O and his team and Aric himself talking to the resistance leader. ‘The leader’ displeased with his General and the decisions he’s making on the battlefield cuts his throat as punishment making X-O the new army general which he reluctantly accepts.  The final pages show Aric confronting his armor, currently forged into a ring, once again as they debate about his true purpose one more time.

I continue to love every issue of this series relaunch. I’m engrossed in this book like no other comic I’m reading right now due to Matt Kindt’s beautiful writing and the stunning art pages and colors by Giorello, Mack, Orzu, and Rodriguez.  In no way is this meant as a slight to the X-O Manowar series predecessors’ but this new team has taken the character to another level few book are on right now.
Normally all the information provided to the reader through the art and story in other books is spread throughout six issues or rushed to an abrupt ending to fit in a trade somewhere down the line but the natural progression of this title has been outstanding so far.   My only real complaint about this issue is the flashback art style in the first act threw me off a bit at first.

Bits and Pieces

X-O Manowar continues to be the comic book I look most forward to reading, re-reading, and just absorbing all month long.  There’s a great story being told accompanied with stunning art. If you’re on the fence about trying this come on down its cooler down here.



  1. This book is fucking fantastic!!

    1. My favorite book coming out now without a doubt

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