Thursday, May 25, 2017

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Spotlight: Deathstroke #19 (Lazarus Contract Part 3)

Jim and Eric talk all about Deathstroke and the Lazarus it good, is it new reader friendly, can you crap lightning?  Believe me, you will find out all that and probably more than you really want to.  If you like what you hear, listen to our big podcast that comes out every Sunday night.

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  1. Wally West knows about the past and that a hidden force has tampered with it in the most horrific way but the problem is that from the moment he has stepped into the twisted 52 reality that same force clouds and tries to erase his memory. Wally is the ripple effect in the time stream that will bring back the original continuity and act as the lightning rod for Jay Garrick and Bart Allen. Bart Allen didn't sacrifice his life and power to help grandpa Barry contain his emotional mistake during the Flashpoint creation for nothing and I hope he is alive in an alternate future.
    Jericho has definitely memory residue from his time as a New Teen Titan in the 80's and he will remember Vic, Kori, Raven, Gar and Kole. Especially Kole wink wink and Raven who destroyed his soul with her demons. He will join the Teen Titans with Kole as supporting cast or mentor them together with Kori from time to time. Cyborg will watch from the Justice League watchtower and give his seal of approval.
    Darwin Elias is a good excuse to help explain the inexplicable convoluted stuff of 52. I have to disagree on the hate about Elias giving meta powers to the Rogues. It didn't take away from Rogues ingenuity because they have offered Elias their weapons to graft their properties into their DNA. And Elias could've been the ultimate human threat to Barry's life who creates one meta menace after another via experimentation to bring Barry to his knees because Barry's ignorance around physics and the misuse of his speed drives Elias crazy. What makes Elias the top Barry villain is that he doesn't opt to become a speed freak but he will do anything to tame the speed force and explore its mysteries. What makes Elias extra dangerous is the amorality and obsession that comes with the pursuit of knowledge and what consequences his actions may have for the rest of the world. Barry is the scientist who cares about balance and lives of innocents, Elias is his Reverse Flash in the scientific field. Brian Buccellato has created a masterpiece character in Elias and DC as usual frowns on him because he can't run while his deadliest power is his high intellect. We have to give Buccellato a standing ovation for his creation.

    ''I am a man of science, and I can't allow a power source that great to be used irresponsibly.
    -- Doctor Elias at Barry Allen.

  2. The fact that any crossover between Titans and Teen Titans won't pan out is due to the generation gap and the different energies of the teams. Titans are the first sidekicks who paved the way for next generations to follow their dreams in fighting crime and help give voice to the youth and at they same time they have become a real family (without TRAITORS - aimed jab). Now they are adults each with personal imperfections but they have achieved to surpass their mentors with the help of one another while staying true to themselves.
    New Teen Titans are the modern cool kids who try to fight crime in a more unique and unconventional style so that they can outshine all the rest and still pretend they don't care about the fame. The differentiator about New Teen Titans is that they aren't sidekicks to popular heroes but troubled teens who battle against their familial demons, relatives who try to bring them over to the dark side and they defy all odds to stay good. Damian the inheritor of Ra's al Ghul, Starfire the sister of an intergalactic tyrant, Beast Boy the adoptive son of a crazy scientist who tries to be good and fails, Aqualad the son of the worst pirate on Earth and Raven the daughter of the devil. A tough life and reputation to balance out.