Thursday, May 25, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 5/24/17

Silliness Will Get You Everywhere

Boy, I sure do love to laugh. I'm sort of unique in that way. When I get to laughin', I can chortle and guffaw with the best of 'em, I guarantee it. That's why you'll always pique my interest by throwing a little comedy on a comic book cover. And it happened a couple of times this week! Wanna see? Well keep on reading!

The Hellblazer #10 variant
Yasmine Putri
This is such a goofy, cartoonish cover, it's hard not to like it. The white background was a good choice because it makes the image pop and look more like an animation cel. John Constantine's face is too hilarious here, I love it!

The Kamandi Challenge #5 variant
Ivan Reis & Marcelo Mialo
Hahahah what? I have no idea if this scene happens in the issue, but that's okay. I can make up my own story. "Indiana Tiger and the Gun-Toting Shirtless Kid." I think a random stately eagle would improve this image slightly.

Batman Beyond #8
Bernard Chang and Marcelo Mialo
Boy, Chang sure does like that symmetry on his Batman Beyond covers, doesn't he? And it works especially well here, using the contrasted shapes in B. Beyond's uniform to frame a very V-shaped image. This is one of those times I wish there wasn't a barcode and Wonder Woman movie logo mucking things up.

Detective Comics #957
Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira & Adriano Lucas
Speaking of good composition, this one is pretty striking. Spoiler smashing up the Bat Signal while two figures make up a Janus-head in the background. The coloring does some good work here, too, the purple is really set off by the yellow lights of the city skyline.

Wonder Woman #23 variant
Jenny Frisson
I don't always give these Frisson Wonder Woman variants shine, but they are always excellent. They just don't usurp the other available covers at the time. But this is another collection of variant covers that might warrant its own coffee table book. This cover in particular is great, Wonder Woman seems suspended weightlessly in the air while her lasso fills in some of the negative space. I'll take two, painted on velvet please.

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