Monday, May 22, 2017

Nick Fury #2 Review - Marvel Monday

Writer: James Robinson
Artists: Aco, Hugo Petrus, Rachelle Rosenberg
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Cover: Aco
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 17, 2017

Well everyone's favorite unwanted series is back this month for it’s brand new issue. Give it a few days and we’ll hear news of the books cancellation. But don’t worry though the title would return shortly with a brand new number one issue. Maybe I was harsh on the last issue. Let’s find out if anything has changed since.

Nick’s new mission will place him on the moon acquiring a Macguffin just to give the character a  motive. The one plus side to this, is the idea of the Yakuza Clan having a base on moon. When Nick makes his presence known after killing a guard, the guards are then alerted and the entire army is sent to kill one man. But of course, this is only a way to get the army out of the picture. This leads Nick Fury to face off against a few giant samurai armored warriors. Doesn’t take long though before Nick uses a gadget to cause the armor to fail and backfiring on the samurai’s. After dealing with the pointless samurai’s, Nick finally enters the base to find the Macguffin already taken by Hydra double agent Frankie Noble. I guess let the cat and mouse chase begin.

The issue treads the same grounds as previously and continues to try and capture the classic Nick Fury vibe. But unfortunately, just comes off as a James Bond tribute album. There is no real challenge and Nick Fury comes off as a kid who turns on all the cheat codes in Grand Theft Auto. While I like the artwork, at times feel it takes the psychedelic approach overboard with the usage of panel layouts and pop art splashes, making for a difficult read. I don’t have much to say for this series and become more upset every month when I see the book on the release list.

Bits and Pieces:
Don’t worry if you missed the last issue, it hits the same beats and showcases Marvel’s latest take on a forced series.


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