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Amazing Spider-Man #789 Review - Marvel Monday

Amazing Spider-Man #789

Writer: Dan Slott
Art Team: Stuart Immonen, Wade von Grawbadger, Marte Gracia
Marvel Comics
Release Date: October 11, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

Parker Likes Cheese & Whining

After a brief pitstop to see if the Goblin could get his groove back, we check in on the Legacy edition of the Amazing Spider-Man, now here with a classic renumbering to boot. So what does a former CEO, whose lost it all (again), do when the worlds turned against him? Hide in his girlfriend's house for long stretches of the day and spout off at the mouth of course … but that's not all folks, lets see what other secrets #789 is holding … jump on in.

The issue starts off with Mockingbird, Bobbi Morse, getting ready for work in her apartment, as Peter wastes away depressed on her couch, post the Parker Industries collapse.  New readers see glimpses of why Pete is depressed, besides for collapse of his corporation, as he’s getting ripped in the news, Bobbi has tagged all food in the fridge with her name on it,  and an article from the Bugle states Peter Parker: Threat of Menace? A little juxtaposition from the question of Spider-Man: Threat or Menace from yesteryear.

Harry is trying without luck to reach Peter, leaving a message for him, stating that Peter needs to make a few calls that should be coming from him and not Harry. The Osbourne’s take the spotlight momentarily as we check in on his kids and family. It seems to be that Harry and Liz are possibly getting back together, but keeping it quiet for now until they’re 100% sure, before a hint is dropped about Flash having a surprise party later on that night.

At the office of the Daily Bugle, Peter walks in and demands answers from Joe Robertson, concerning the article written about him that wasn't very favorable. Joe (Robbie) sets Peter straight stating he wrote about how Peter was “in over his head”, “not ready to take the reins of a global company”, and “let millions down around the world”.  Peter acknowledges his mistake, taking his medicine, and decides to walk out with his tail between his legs, but not before helping correct a science article to make it a lot more simple for the regular Joe Reader.  Betty informs Pete on his way out of the surprise party for Flash to help take his mind off the nonsense he's been going through.

Out on the streets of New York Peter is noticed by the random citizens who supported his company through the purchase of products, by working their, or who have bought stock.  They start chasing poor Peter down the road in a threatening manner until he climbs up a building wall, Spider style, to lose them.

Checking in at the Flash Thompson Surprise Party, we get a who’s who of Spider-Man side characters, discussing/catching up readers on events that have occurred.  Pete before officially walking in, gets a sense of pity in the room about him, and decides to just head home instead of continuing to deal with and confront it once again.

At Bobbi’s place, Peter is crashing on the couch again, when she comes home from work, and throws his costume at him.Mockingbird has decided Pete needs a lil action to get his mojo back and they head out on the town to see what trouble they can find. Eventually the two bump into Griffin (Johnny Horton) who's robbing a food truck of all its Empanadas, ending this stealing money nonsense, and going right for the source of what he wants.   

Bobbi and Spidey take on the villain, who thinks the Darkforce rules still apply when the dome is down, and in a combined effort, take Griffen down in a way no man wants to be taken down ever. Yes Bobbi shocked the poor guys balls with her baton! Spidey was able to save the Empanada truck, and has begun to turn the crowd back to his side, after some initial tension between them … since Spidey served as a “bodyguard” for Parker Industries previously.

Back at Bobbi’s again after the fight, the two share a Coke and Smile, with Petey feeling a little better after doing his Spider-Man thing. They share a smooch as the issue concludes with a to be continued.

Overall the issue was a decent start to the the Spider-Man back to basics approach, great for new readers, but doesn't tread much new ground for long time readers to grab ahold of. There is no sense of what Spider-Man will be getting into, with the focus almost entirely on Peter Parker his depression and possible job prospects, until the very end where he we get a brief villain of the week type of scuffle.

Where this title truly shines is in the art department as the team does a great job with making all characters look fantastic, with each easily recognizable by face and characteristics alone. Its great to have the title center back into New York as a backdrop bringing back that familiar feel to Spider-Man I truly missed.

Bits and Pieces

Issue #789 was enjoyable, and very new reader friendly, but having read Spider-Man for years this issue to me just feels get a very generic superhero one shot when it's all said and done. I just expected more of a hook, and a less cookie cutter approach, to keep me wanting to read the Legacy version of the Amazing Spider-Man title as a whole. As it stands for now, after one Legacy issue, the art is more appealing than the overall direction.


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  1. "Bodyguard" - I love it. The issue is almost Bendis like in its pacing. Here you have the first issue for an arc work an A list character, and the plot is taco trucks and conversations? Where's the danger? Where's the drama?