Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Batwoman #8 Review and *SPOILERS*

Prison Break

Written By: Marguerite Bennett
Art By: Fernando Blanco, John Rauch
Letters By: Deron Bennett
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 18, 2017

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

It’s been no secret that I’ve been hard on this book. Last month in particular I went for everything I had against this book. I was swinging so much that I got certain things wrong and had to remove them later. That’s how hard I wanted to take this book down. Last issue just pissed me off in the perfect way and I hadn’t even planned on going so hard on it until I started writing the review and I felt myself get angrier and angrier. However, no matter how much I get disappointed by this book somehow, I keep hope alive that the next issue will be good. I’m like a gambling addict at this point. I know the last seven hands have been shit but that next hand could win me the money. Honestly, I need to be put in a program at this point. However, I’ve been allowed to indulge in my habit so lets jump right into this new issue and keep hope alive.

We begin the issue with Batwoman tripping balls before we jump back to catch up with Scarecrow and what he has been up to lately. He is talking with a woman named Fatima who seems to be advising him on his other subjects. He ignores her input and then goes on about his failsafe for The Many Arms of Death. He wants her to know that he can strike them hard if he needs to as she is observing him on behalf of the Twins and “The Queen” (probably Safiyah). He then tells the story of Perillos. The story entails a king coming to an inventor to create a new way of executing people and after Perillos has completed his task, he is used as the first subject to be executed by using the new method. Crane is a creator and his creations will go against him someday but he is preparing for that day already.

We then go back to Batwoman’s fear toxin trip where she is reliving a memory of The Lost Year which involved them killing off the foxes on the island. After explaining why they had to kill the foxes, Safiyah hands the gun to Kate and her face turns to a skull. It seems to be a scene that Kate either regrets or truly despises as it plays out in her mind over and over before the hallucination changes. She finds herself face to face with her family. She embraces her mother, father, and sister before they are attacked by beasts of what they have become. She then comes face to face with that which she has become, a giant bat. Kate is able to fight them off and overpower the contorted versions of her family before her normal looking family disappears into rose petals and Kate awakens from her hallucination.

Kate comes to her senses and she recognizes the man in the cell next to her as Colony Prime. He questions her about her hallucination which causes Kate to become very angry and the two fight for quite a while. Colony Prime reveals that the Colony has been hunting the Many Arms of Death as well and has been tackling them from a different angle but they both ended at The Needle. Scarecrow interrupts them and releases more fear toxin into their cells. However, Batwoman has a countermeasure that was put in her suit and is able to overload Crane’s system. The explanation is a bit long but I didn’t really mind it. However, just as they escape their cell another fear toxin bomb is tossed at them and they begin to hallucinate again. This time though, they have a chance to fight through their hallucinations and they decide to work together to get out of this prison. This is where the issue leaves us.

What is this? How could this happen? There’s an issue of Batwoman rebirth that I don’t hate? I actually enjoyed myself? This is insane! I think this issue benefits from the fact that most of it is just a fun action sequence with some really phenomenal art. However, even the parts that I usually dislike in this book has become more enjoyable. Granted, the Many Arms of Death and Safiyah stuff is still haunting this book and things are still a little tedious but this issue made me not care about it because it all hides behind an extremely charismatic villain. Scarecrow raises the ceiling of this book substantially as he is just beyond entertaining. He overshadows the Many Arms of Death and that’s a very good thing. In addition, his fear toxin lends itself to having an artist go wild. Now, this is just a first step. I can’t say that anyone should jump back into this book but for the first time in a long time, I am seeing a little bit of daylight on the horizon.

Bits and Pieces

Batwoman actually manages to do something that I thought impossible for this book—be entertaining. Whether this rise in quality is due to the incorporation of Scarecrow into this story or a long fight sequence that removes any need for dialogue, one thing is for certain, I enjoyed this issue and I’m almost looking forward to the next one. Granted, I can’t suggest anyone hop on this book yet. It needs more than one successful issue to do that but this could be the start of something good.



  1. looks like I picked the wrong issue to cancel my pull on LOL

    1. lol right now it's an anomaly. Until this series regularly gives us great content, I wouldn't suggest putting it back on yet.