Saturday, October 21, 2017

War Mother #3 Review


Mother May I?

Writer: Fred Van Lent
Artist: Stephen Segovia   
Publisher: Valiant
Review by: Andrew McAvoy

We meet War Mother, aka Ana, still battling The Cleansed and working on an escape after she retrieves her companion, the sentient rifle Flaco. One thing to bear in mind though, hell hath no fury like a rifle scorned. Let's see how Ana gets on in the latest installment. 

The problem Ana faces with pairing up with Flaco are two-fold. Firstly The Cleansed are interfering with her communication channels, a problem partially dealt with when she rapidly dispatches what she refers to as "helpless cyborgs" sent to impede her progress. While this is going on the communication channels opened by The Cleansed are used to explain to Ana that she is viewed as like them, a protector. They have also captured Flaco, and studied him, making some design adjustments to produce a "superior" version. That plus the fact that Flaco is annoyed at her for abandoning him (see last issue), means that she is somewhat delayed in addressing the threat. 

Meanwhile the Grove, Ana's people, are still on the move. Taking a break from their travels Ignacio and Laura are less than careful about guarding some sensitive secrets, and they are overheard by their children in the camp. This is likely to spell trouble for all involved when Ana is reunited with her people. 

Bits and Pieces:

This series continues to weave a tale in a slow, but intriguing way. Despite it's lack of speed the storytelling is good, and there is enough in unrevealed plot elements that keep the reader's interest. As was the case in previous issues the art from Segovia continues to be of a high standard with lots of interesting detail. The action sequences are accompanied by still moments of intrigue and both are rendered equally well in the art which is an achievement. A steady issue which retains the momentum established by the series to date.


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