Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Super Sons #9 Review

Where's the Beef?

Written by: Peter J. Tomasi
Art by: Jorge Jimenez, Carmine Di Giandomenico, Alejandro Sanchez, Ivan Plascencia and Rob
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 18, 2017

I have enjoyed the Super Sons book a lot since it debuted, but it hasn't made it to the top of my pile just yet.  Peter Tomasi has brought the fun, but up until now, there has been enough meat on the bone to make a satisfying backyard barbecue.  You know what I mean, right?  Do we get more this issue?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with Damian and Jon fighting Ygarddis' army and not much goes on except the standard Super Sons trash talk.  We do end up finding out Ygardiss' plan...send the Super Sons home, follow them and destroy their world.  Easy Peasy!

Things pick up when our Kraklow enters the scene and drops some major science...Hard Line and Big Shot aren't real!  The whole scene is a bit rushed and unexplained before we head off to Kraklow's origin.  That's rushed as well and we are left with our four heroes and Kraklow waiting for the Living Planet to arrive to destroy everything.

After Jon gives a gee whiz pep talk, Ygardiss shows up and the battle is on.  It looks like Kraklow changes sides at the worst moment, but I guess Jon inspired him because by the end, he makes the hero's choice. 

Yep, Kraklow saves the day and sets his sights on defeating a little bit.  That's right, the issue continues with the Super Sons heading back to their world with the Big Bad pretty much alive and well.  The issue ends with the Super Sons hanging with Superman and eating dinner and Hard Line and Big Shot making the composite symbol and forming an army to take care of Ygardiss. 

This was not a great issue of Super Sons.  Heck, it wasn't even that good!  We get little to no explanation beyond, "Here's what I did" and Damian and Jon didn't really do anything at all.  The art was good (as it usually is), but this issue had some confusing panels.  Still, it's one of the better looking books in all of Rebirth

Bits and Pieces:

I'm starting to grow tired of nothing happening in this book.  The charm of the leads can only go so far and by issue #9, I need something a lot more.  That more is not here this month.



  1. Hm i dont thinks its that nothing happens just not enough happens if Damien was new to DC like Jon id say this book was perfect but we all know damien so these not so epic adventures dont work as well

    1. I really don't think anything has happened in this has been forgettable