Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Injustice 2 #28 Review

Injustice #28

Writer: Tom Taylor
Art Team: Daniel Sampere, Juan Albarran, Rex Lokus
DC Comics
Release Date: October 17, 2017
Cover Price: $.99

(Dark) Knight In Court

Welcome back for your weekly Injustice recap and critique. I’m really only writing this review right now because I was watching the Cavs vs Celtics game and witnessed someone break their leg in half on live TV, which killed my appetite for sports for the night, so here I am reviewing away.  Anyway, let’s continue to peek in on the aftermath of the disaster left in the wake of Aqualad, commanded by Ra’s Al Ghul, and see if this raft stops flowing up Shit’s Creek sooner or later shall we ... join me.

The issue starts off at the Capitol Building, which is being rebuilt, twelve hours prior to the other scenes that will be intercut throughout this story, with Bruce Wayne in front of a Committee Hearing, it's capitalized because it's serious business.

Bruce, who everyone is well aware is Batman in this timeline/earth, is questioned about the events that occurred at the hands of Ra’s.  The hearing starts innocently enough but eventually the questions turn almost rhetoric and seem to flat out set things up to look like they can pin this all on Bruce.

The Head Lady, who does a majority of the speaking this issue, mentions how Bruce may have wanted the disaster, that took the government OUT, to happen, so Black Lightning could take power, because he would be easier to work with in the long run, to suit a world Batman would want. Bruce obviously denies these outrageous claims against him as nonsense.

The last bit we get from the hearing is about how they (the hearing people) compare Batman to Superman only worse stating “Superman was a far more competent dictator”.  All this court talk has obviously irked Bruce/Batman in the present hours, as these scenes are placed throughout showing Batman chasing down a few leads, eventually taking him to an escaping truck.

Batman stops the vehicle and starts beating the piss out of the thug responsible for Gothams latest mess, when he's stopped by, his lady to be in current continuity, Catwoman.  Cat relaxes the Bat to the point he takes her back to the Cave and reveals a pretty, pretty big secret he may be ready to let loose … you’ll have to drop .99 cent to find out what that is exactly.

Overall, this is basically another issue of mostly setup, however Tom Taylor does it perfectly, able to highlight Batman’s plight, while basically making a court transcript interesting, especially to my simple mind, throughout the issue. The action scene being paneled and intercut over the ‘courtroom dialogue’ and 'drama' was an excellent choice, showcasing Batman’s frustration in dealing with a plethora of problems on his plate right now ... and the cliffhanger might have Batman Beyond fan screaming at the clouds. My only complaint would be the focus is almost solely on Batman when there's so many characters I want to check in on.

The art team continues to churn out top notch character work, even giving random side characters and citizens, care, and unheard of detail. I dare someone in the comments to name a weekly book that looked or currently looks better.

Bits and Pieces

Injustice 2 #28 plays a few clever tricks, to get what could be a dull setup issue about Batman’s entire plight, into a genuinely good read you'll have to go through twice. The art continues to wow as do the consistently great cliffhangers.  


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