Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Nightwing #31 Review and *SPOILERS*

Full House

Written By: Tim Seeley
Art By: Miguel Mendonca, Diana Egea, Chris Sotomayor, Carlos M. Mangual
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 18, 2017

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Bludhaven is still in turmoil since Nightwing arrived, but now it seems to be even worse because Raptor has showed up to the party and plans on making all the privileged people of the city pay for making the poor suffer.  Since it looks like Raptor is upping his game and putting people who don't deserve it in danger, Nightwing was forced to go to Blockbuster for help, making us all wonder how far Dick will go to take his former partner down.  Let's jump into this issue and see how far Nightwing will go to get his man.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our Raptor story picks up in this issue with the privileged hating villain going after Roland Desmond when he's supposed to speak to some kids from the School District about what it takes to make it in this world, but instead they get a full on dose of fear, when Raptor forces Roland to change into Blockbuster in front of them.  So yeah, Roland Desmond has kind of been outed about what it really takes to make it, but because of his moral code, which Nightwing uses to justify himself working with this monster, Roland simply chooses to give the kids a full scholarship in order for them to keep their mouths shut about what they've seen.  

While Raptor was attacking Roland, Nightwing was using the intelligence that Roland gave him about where Raptor might strike next to stop a robbery at a medical supply company, which was actually being robbed by the Whale's Enders gang, who need the Horseshoe Crab fluid the company is siphoning to complete their formula to become like Orca, which will give the gang a leg up in the criminal world since Bludhaven is turning into a super powered war zone.  Too bad it seems that they get their mixture wrong because when the Whale's Enders gang leader injects herself with the serum, she just gets fucked up looking before passing out, making the rest of the gang surrender to Nightwing and Huntress.  Also, while it looked like Huntress might be out of the picture last issue, here it seems she has totally said farewell to Dick because after she discovers that our hero is working with Blockbuster to take Raptor down, she beats the hell out of Dick and storms off, pissed because she allowed herself to trust him.  

In the end, DeFacer finds out that her former mentor Pigeon might be working with Raptor, while Dick goes off to work to make sure that he can continue to pay his bills, while also keeping tabs on Roland Desmond, but Dick may have a harder job at this than he expected to because Raptor, out of costume has come to the casino and has decided to play some cards at Dick's table........ At least it looks like Raptor has gotten that whole leprosy thing under control because where he was originally supposed to be scarred from the disease earlier in his life, here he looks fine.

That's it for this issue of Nightwing and it appears that we're getting a slower story than we usually do with this arc and while I don't mind because we're getting more out of all the characters of Bludhaven, but for some reason we're really taking more time in tearing Nightwing and Huntress apart when it seemed we were done with that last issue.  Overall, this is an enjoyable issue though that seems to be doing more for Raptor than we've ever seen of him before and while I still don't like the character, I at least find him bearable here.  The art in this issue is top notch and I can't wait to see where this story takes us......... hopefully, not out of Bludhaven though.

Bits and Pieces:

This story seems to be taking its time in showing us all its cards, but I find myself appreciating that because we get to spend more time in seeing all the characters of Bludhaven that I've come to love.  Yeah, certain aspects of this issue were played out longer than they should have been, but overall, I look forward to where this story is taking us and showing us how far Dick will straddle the line of his morals.  


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