Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Superman #33 Review and *SPOILERS*

God of Apokolips

Written By: Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason
Art By: Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza, Wil Quintana, Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 18, 2017

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

It's been awhile since we had Tomasi and Gleason on this title and since I consider this title their book, I'm all kinds of excited to get them back on board because while the ending to Black Dawn was a little forced, the first twenty-five issues of this title came together pretty damn well and made it one of my favorite books in Rebirth........ I'm not considering the Road Trip arc a part of this...... that's just my prerogative as a fan of this series and a nut.  Anyway, let's get back to some meat in this series and see what these two creators have in store for us as we finally deal with the events of the Darkseid War, where Lex Luthor was given his super suit and deemed the God of Apokolips before completely bailing on them.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with a little foreshadowing with what this arc will be dealing with, with the people of Apokolips tired of the wars on the planet due to there not being anyone to sit on the throne so what they propose is to get their "God" back and force him to put the fiery world in order.  After that, we had on over to Metropolis to see something that I've been waiting to see all of Rebirth...... Superman and Lex Luthor working together like they're a team...... or at least don't mind each other because if I had to sit through another instant where Superman has to question Lex's motives, I would have screamed, but thankfully, we don't get that here and we see the two take out a van full of armed robbers and it's magnificent.  

Sadly, that's where the fun that I've been waiting for with these two working well together ends because as soon as Lex gets back to LexCorp, he's ambushed by the Apokolipteans who are looking to take him back to the throne.  Before they "Boom" him back, Lex is able to send out a distress call to Superman, but it looks like all the love we saw while the public was around was all for show because Clark plans on taking his family out for dinner and a movie and apparently Lex has been the superhero who has cried wolf with these Kryptonian frequencies he uses to contact Superman because Clark isn't about to be bothered with another request from Lex at the moment.  

In the end, it seems that Lex has made some decent fail safes in the event that he's taken like this because some old Lex-Bots track Clark, Jon and Lois down using their Kryptonian signature readings and after Superman and Superboy take them down, they put themselves back together as a containment box, complete with a motherbox to transport Superman to Lex's location.  Too bad it takes Lois and Jon as well and too bad that this box doesn't hold together during the trip because when our hero and his family make it to Apokolips, they're all in different locations on the most dangerous world in the Multiverse. 

That's it for this issue of Superman and I have to tell you how happy I am to get back to this story.  Yeah, we had a taste of it back in Action Comics awhile ago with Zade and L'Call trying to put an end to Luthor before he could become the new Darkseid, but this is what I actually wanted and now that we got it with these creators at the head of it all, I'm excited as hell.   The art in this issue is amazing and while it sucked to see Superman put his entertainment for the night in front of Lex possibly being in trouble, it was great to see Lex treated as a hero and also the lengths he would take to make sure his safety is a top priority........ even if that means forcing Superman to action against his will.  I had a great time with this issue and I can't wait to get the next installment.

Bits and Pieces:

Superman is back with Tomasi and Gleason at the helm and that's just the start of the awesomeness because we're getting back to some loose threads from the Darkseid War and I couldn't be happier.  The art in this issue is incredible and I can't wait to see where this story goes next.


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