Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Gotham City Garage #4 Review

Gotham City Garage #4

Writer: Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing
Art Team: Lynne Yoshi, Jose Marzan Jr., Kelly Fitzpatrick
DC Comics (digital first edition)
Release Date: October 4, 2017
Cover Price: $.99

A Little Flair Never Hurt Anyone

Gotham City Garage concludes its first digital arc this week and I’m pumped to see where it goes from here.  Last issue we switched to the story being told from the point of view of Barda, which was an interesting choice, but went over well enough if you ask me. So check in with me here this issue and let's see if the ladies of Gotham City Garage can catch up to the Red Hood M.C..

The issue starts where our cliffhanger left us, as Barda, riding with Supergirl on the back, and Banshee are chasing after the Red Hood M.C. into the Canyons of Clay, after the Hood’s escaped from last issues heist with these ‘parts’ everybody’s after. Barda thinks this is a good way to see if Supergirl is “about that life” while filling her in on exactly what the Canyons are … hint basically Clayface everywhere.

As the issue progress along its chase scene the Canyons spring to life, knocking over the Lex Truck the Red Hoods have escaped with. The heroes of G.C.G. don't escape unscathed however as Banshee after making the escape route falls into the clay.  Barda, using her Mother Box-esque stick, makes a new bike, splits from Supergirl and turns to rescue Bashee.  Supergirl moves forward to find the truck.

When Supergirl does reach the truck, she sees (possibly) Jason Todd, who was driving the truck reaching for the contents that spilled out, as we discover the truck contained weapons and not parts at all.  Jason tries to set of a Solar Detonation device and Supergirl makes the hero's choice jumping on the weapon, in essence taking the shot as Clayface is about to surround and drown them. As the bomb explodes Supergirl lets of a solar flare power, destroying all clay type threats, and saving the day in front of everyone … including a mysterious onlooker over the ledge only thought to be myth.

Overall this was a good conclusion to the introduction of this story. Kara Gordon comes off as a very likable character, still finding her way through a strange new world, and being surrounded by an interesting supporting cast all around, even the environment, which only adds to the experience. There is nothing ground breaking occurring here, it's just a pretty generic heroes tale so far, but this is an intriguing concept that has some legs, and I’ll continue to follow it for awhile still after this. I especially would recommended this book for a young audience dipping their toes into the comic book waters.

I do like the art team from the first two issues slightly better, just as a personal preference, the more gritty look and feel suited the title better, but there is nothing wrong with what we've got the last two issues either the product still looks great.

Bits and Pieces

Gotham City Garage concludes its first arc by introducing a likable character, in a very interesting and mysterious corner of the DC Multiverse, that has me interested going forward. So far this series has been an enjoyable hero’s journey to follow.


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