Saturday, October 7, 2017

Hack/Slash vs Vampirella #1

Hack Attack

Writer: Shawn Aldridge
Art: Rapha Lobosco
Publisher: Dynamite
Publication Date: 4 October 2017
Reviewer: Andrew McAvoy

You know Halloween must be around the corner when a title like Hack/Slash vs Vampirella makes its way onto your pull-list. Yes, this week saw the paths of Cassie Hack, her sidekick Vlad and Vampirella converge as they stumble across the activities of a serial killer on the loose in Vegas. They can't resist the temptation to do a bit of crime solving while on holiday in order to bring the guilty party to justice. Let's dip in.

The title opens with a scene of bloodstained chaos in a hotel room. Midst the mess, the killers calling card is left, the Queen of Hearts...

Cut to Cassie and Vlad as they hit the Vegas strip and are dazzled by the lights, before casting their eyes on their humble accommodation in the Dead End Inn Hotel. As they see an ambulance crew wheeling the aforementioned dead body past them Cassie starts to take an interest in what's going on, and soon, despite Vlad's better efforts, they are working a case.

As they enter the scene of the crime they are disrupted by Vampirella, herself trying to track down the killer. After an initially heated encounter they soon listen to what Vampirella has to say.

She explains that she wasn't lying in wait for them but rather trying to catch the scent of the killer. As she names the Blood Red Queen of Hearts the book gives us a full page image of the killer poised to strike yet another victim. Shortly afterwards, two cops burst into the room, and it takes Vampirella to frighten them off, and Hack and Slash to land the knock out punches, leaving the newly formed trio in peace to do the detective work.

Bits and Pieces:

Okay, so it may not be an issue in which too much happens, but it is fun and the hilarious dialogue between Vlad and Cassie is worth the admission price alone. The art from Lobosco is good, and strikes the right pitch between making the book just dark enough and deploying color to good effect. Vampirella herself is good at moving the plot along in Basil Exposition mode. Its a fun title, and is especially apt in the run up to Halloween.


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