Monday, October 2, 2017

Marvel Madness Comics Podcast: Episode #22

Ep.#22: Mighty Thor, Venomverse, Marvel Legacy / Marvel Madness Comics Podcast

Go to the nearest gas station get your favorite ice cold tall boy of choice (a 22 oz’er), sit back and relax, to the smooth tones of Trevitt (Trevort) and Branden (BMur). We discuss three big books this week including the much hyped Legacy issue. Zone out, dodge work, hide from the wife/kids and find out whether or not to buy, borrow, or forget the following titles:

The Mighty Thor #23
Venomverse #4
Marvel Legacy #1

In between books Trevitt gives us some news about upcoming titles, delays, and an event?, oh my. Flashback to a classic Thor cartoon theme song, the worst most played PSA ever from my childhood, a Bugs Bunny short, all before we wrap things up discussing what Legacy got wrong.

Bang that follow button and join us for any shenanigans that follow ... you may not be disappointed!

SPOILER ALERT: all books are talked about in detail with all reveals being discussed. Read your titles first or listen at your own risk.

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