Sunday, October 1, 2017

War Mother #2 Review


Mother ******

Writer: Fred Van Lent
Artist: Stephen Segovia
Release Date: September 27, 2017
Publisher: Valiant
Review by: Andrew McAvoy

This issue picks up with War Mother, aka Ana, taken captive and literally held in suspense with arms bound. She is separated from her sentient rifle Flaco, and has no way to warn her compatriots from the Grove, who are making their way towards her location, and the dangers afoot. The important thing to bear in mind about this title is the importance of the relationship between Ana and a rifle (yes an animate rifle). The Ana-Flaco dynamic is key, so just roll with it. 

We open with exchanges between Flaco and Ana who is attempting hacking into the systems of her captors. The exchanges are interrupted when two Traders that Ana recognizes come in, but any hope they may bring is rapidly disposed of as they proceed to stab themselves in a form of sacrifice to the captors who they refer to as The Cleansed, who then appear briefly to drag off the two bodies. Any respite they may have been able to provide is dragged off with their spent corpses. Ana and Flaco resume their work on setting her free, and with a flourish Flaco frees her bonds and she is able to land on the prison floor and start to explore her strange locale. Ana's concern for The Grove, and the priority she grants them over Flaco causes some tension between the partners. 

The action secondary focus in this issue is Ana's Grove compatriots as make their way towards her location. They are surrounded by dangers in their camp, harsh terrain, and perhaps even a traitor in their ranks. It's a good subplot and leaves you wondering if the bigger danger is inside or outside their camp. 

Bits and pieces

This issue progresses the story along nicely, and tees up the next issue well. The art from Segovia is excellent, a nice blend of color, and let's just call it, Ana and Flaco just look pretty goddamned cool together. An enjoyable title and a successful second issue. Looking forward to the next installment.


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