Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Savage Things #8 Review and ***SPOILERS***

A New Mark Of Cain

Written by: Justin Jordan
Art by: Ibrahim Moustafa, Jordan Boyd, and Josh Reed
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 4, 2017


Well, here we are: the final issue of Justin Jordan’s crazy, awesome story. Everything—every crazy, balls-to-the-wall action scene, every twist, every flashback—has all been leading to this. I think it’s safe to say that I have been a big fan of this series thus far. The storytelling has been superb, the art looks great, and the characters are fun to read. I fully expect that to shine forth even more in this final issue, so let’s jump right in and see how Abel and Cain’s story comes to an end.

Explain It!

The last issue ended on the crazy cliffhanger of Cain’s helicopter crashing into a building in a fiery explosion. So how does her get out of that? I have no clue, and Justin Jordan decides not to show us here, so I guess you just have to assume he did it because he’s a badass. Spoiler, that is the only problem I have with this issue.

Instead, this issue opens with Marty arriving at his safehouse in Switzerland. Mr. Warren, his head of security, goes through all of the security precautions that have been put in place to ensure that Marty will be safe here. There is definitely a lot going on, but I don’t think Mr. Warren knows who he is dealing with because just as Marty is congratulating him, a security guard gets shot and pinned up against the window.

Cain is here and he is ready to kick some ass. He mows through the rest of the security detail like it’s nothing while Marty retreats to hide in the security bunker, safe from Cain. Except Cain doesn’t care about getting revenge and killing Marty, he just wants to be free. There are fake IDs and there is money in this house, so he can easily go free and make a new life for himself. He does want to take it out on Marty some, so he leaves a grenade against the door of the bunker in case Marty tries to leave.

Cain is being very boastful and proud of himself when Abel shows up to put an end to it. They start going at it and the next bunch of pages are another trademark fight sequence that I’ve come to expect from this book. It all comes down to knives. Abel still has the knife that Cain stabbed him with when they were kids, and he is ready to return it. Abel eventually gets the upper hand and ends the fight by stabbing Cain through the throat.

Abel is finally ready to move on and start a new chapter in his life, but Kira reveals that she has been playing him all along. She is actually a member of Blue Ocean, the follow-up to Abel’s Black Forest group. Abel offers her the chance to walk away without him chasing her, but she responds by trying to stab him. He tells her that this will only end one way, and then we see him sitting in a chair inside the house waiting for Marty to come out of the bunker. The issue, and the series, ends with Abel asking Marty to tell him about the other projects, presumably so he can hunt them down as well.

Wow. What a series. This book got more and more insane each and every issue and I loved it. I don’t know if Justin Jordan and Ibrahim Moustafa plan on continuing this story, but boy do I hope they do. I would love to revisit Abel and see him hunt down and viciously murder some more bad guys.

Bits and Pieces:

This is a great ending to a fantastic story. It has been an absolute joy to read this book every month and I am very sad to see it go. The action has been awesome, the story has been engaging, the characters have been interesting, and it has all looked great. I would love to see this creative team revisit Abel and the rest of this world in the future. Bravo, Mr. Jordan and Mr. Moustafa. Bravo.


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