Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Green Arrow #32 Review

On the Dark Side

Written by: Ben Percy and Joshua Williamson
Art by: Juan Ferreyra and Deron Bennett
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 4, 2017

I have not been a huge fan of these Gotham Resistance Metal tie-ins, but this is the final issue and this is also written by both Ben Percy and Joshua Williamson...two heads are better than one, right?  Plus, Juan Ferreyra is on art, so I am totally pumped for that.  So, was it good?  Let's find out...

The issue starts with a little bit of a rundown of what this whole Gotham Resistance has been about from both Green Arrow and Mr. Terrific and even though it's explained as science, Mr. Teriffic can't figure these cards out.  Count me in on that, Holt!

It takes Nightwing and his Dark Metal cut to give Mr. Terrific the idea that all this is about switching out our world into the Dark Multiverse...using bodies.  Okay, I'm not fully following this, but I'm not the third smartest man in the DCU...or the room I'm in right now.

It continues with Damian stepping up his game and after the poor showing the little guy has had in these tie-ins, this was a welcome part.  He decides to leave no Titan behind and the rest of the team bands together as the...Gotham Resistance!  Yea, Harley even said it!

While some pretty funny bad guys cause a distraction, the team get's to the Bane's Sixth Ring and Robins comes face-to-face with his Dark Multiverse doppelganger and the Team tries to figure out how to save the Teen Titans and Suicide Squad that are all captured and part of a David Cronenberg walking metal spider machine.

That's when the Batman who Laughs makes his mandatory appearance and tries to seduce Harley before the shit hits the fan.  We get Robin versus Robin, Dan Didio smiling it up at the chance of Nightwing almost dying and Green Arrow accidentally shooting Damian.

That's when we learn a bit more about the Dark Multiverse, but through the eyes of the darkness.  It's all spelled out to turn Damian to the Dark Side.  Instead he turns the tide by being a badass and they discover what actually can hurt the monstrosities from the Dark Multiverse.  It's a good thing because the Dark Knights all arrive (with Cyborg from the Murder Machine one-shot), before they are saved by Doctor Fate.  "They" meaning Nightwing, Green Arrow, Damian and Mister Terrific...the rest are left behind.

The issue doesn't end on a happy note, but it does end on a hopeful one.  They now know how to kill the Big Bads from the Dark Multiverse, it's just going to take more Nth Metal that unfortunately isn't growing on trees.

Ben Percy and Joshua Williamson kind of ignore the whole rogues with cards here to give us more of an explanation of the villains and I appreciated that.  It was also nice to see the issue connect to the Dark Knight one-shots and also the main Metal book which made it feel more important.  Plus, Juan Ferreyra's art is stellar as usual, so this finale was my favorite of the Gotham Resistance books.

Bits and Pieces:

While the basic concept for these Gotham Resistance tie-ins kind of falls apart here, Percy and Williamson give us some good explanation about the Dark Multiverse villains which I liked. Juan Ferreyra's art was great and this felt important in the grand scheme of things.



  1. Juan really needs to be put with a good writer his talents are wasted with Ben Percy. He truly deserves every point of that 7.

  2. I know how tie in work side stories to main events but the way gotham resistance and dawnbreaker ended really hope this stuff matters to metal #3

    1. It does feel like this will continue in metal which gets me excitted!

  3. Just as the dark universe continues to infect the DC universe, Dark Nights: Metal continues to infect my favorite books.
    I've said it before, I've never been a fan of event crossovers and I'm not a fan of Dark Nights: Metal. I'm in no way saying that it's bad or the creators are inept, it's just not my kind of thing. Green Arrow has been my favorite book since Rebirth, but I was kind of bummed to see this issue was a Metal tie-in.
    I remember being a kid in the 70's and only having a handful of TV stations. Whenever there was a presidential address or big news it was on every station. I would grab the channel turning pliers (the knobs were broken) desperately trying to find some Mork or Fonzie. Even as a kid I didn't understand why a channel wouldn't want to air some counter programming for those of us either too uninterested in the news or in my case too ignorant to care. This is how I feel about this issue.
    Jaun's art is truly amazing, though this issue wasn't as good as his other work. I know that he did it in 13 days and that is a truly amazing accomplishment, but it does seem to show a bit. Keep in mind that I think even the worst of Jaun's art is still some of the best art I've ever seen.
    Anyway I continue to love the work being done in this book, but this story just isn't for me. I'd put this issue at a 4.5, but admit that it's completely unfair for me to even attempt to give it a score.

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