Monday, October 2, 2017

Marvel Legacy #1 Review - Marvel Monday

Marvel Legacy #1

Writer: Jason Aaron
Art Team: Esad Ribic, Steve McNiven, Matthew Wilson, etc, etc
Marvel Comics
Release Date: September 25, 2017
Cover Price: $5.99

Avenging Since Time Began

The long awaited, much hyped, latest marketing effort from Marvel Comics, Legacy #1, has arrived. To sum up what we’re diving into in one lazy comparison sentence it’s a Marvel Rebirth of sorts. So do the classic guys you’ve yearned for all return? Is this drawing new people in? Are current readers going to want to buy more books? Read on and tell me.

The events of this issue start off with the focus on Mjolnir before moving into what we were all waiting to catch of glimpse of in action since the announcement, the B.C. Avengers. Odin arrives to claim the hammer, trades barbs with Phoenix, then meets up with the rest of the team, as we get hints of them in the midst of battle. We see the team charging, after what looks like a mostly defeated Celestial, who Odin wants to nail to the moon, but we move on before stopping at the fireworks factory.

Next, Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider, is woken up on the side of the road by a cop, in South Africa!! As he attempts to run away from getting in trouble, and gather his bearings, his attempts are thwarted by Starbrand, out of nowhere, as Robbie goes full Ghost Rider mode, then these two begin a slugfest that will span most the issue.

On the Realm of Giants Loki is up to his particular brand of nonsense, as he manipulates some Frost Giants rejects to travel to Earth, in an attempt to gather a specific package for him … which is a connecting thread to several other threads this issue. It picks up next in a SHIELD facility that is closing its doors, as the Government takes control of their inventory of secret shit. Moving day is interrupted by Loki’s Frost Giants gang, who are quickly met by Cap and Thor from the current Avengers team, with RiRi/IronHeart joining as well, as a slugfest ensues.

Steve Rogers version of Captain America gets the spotlight next in a brief diner scene setting the stage for the relaunch of his book coming up by Mark Waid. Same with Thor Odinson who gets similar treatment on Asgard before we skip off to see Iron Man Tony Stark treated with a tease of his book too.  All possible hints the ‘real’ heroes are returning to us shortly ... possibly.

The Starbrand vs Ghost Rider fight continues as the two are trading violent punches and moves back and forth. The two’s blows eventually stumble them into the nearby archeological dig led by some guy who really thinks he's onto something … something we may have seen already.
Small vignette time again as we get a quick glimpse of where Deadpool, Spider-Man/Norman Osborn, and the Avengers titles are all headed with a page each dropping mild hints about what's to come.

Round two in the Frost Giants vs Good Guys fight starts heavily going in the direction of the heroes favor.  As a couple Frost Giants retreat deeper into the facility they magically stumble upon the exactly numbered box they need, 4-1939 a callout to Marvel’s past, as one of them grabs it and takes off like he’s been shot out of hell off.  

Snippet time once again: Johnny and Thing stand atop a New York rooftop signaling a comeback, the Black Panther has an intergalactic space empire, and Cho Hulk gets called to Planet Hulk.

Checking back in on Ghost Rider and StarBrand slugging each other, Ghost Rider finally gets the upper hand on Starbrand by using the ‘Penance Stare’, a power he's never previously had, before hopping back in his ride and getting the hell out of dodge.

The Archaeologist I mentioned earlier appear to have made great progress on their dig, venture into the hole they’ve created, despite one of their trepidations, they get zapped to shit by the Celestial from the beginning of the story, and we see some Metal-esque prehistoric carvings on a nearby wall identifying the different B.C. Avengers.

As this group of ‘Avengers’ wraps up matters at the SHIELD facility we flash back to the escaping Frost Giant, who gets crushed by a semi truck like the world's dumbest deer, and goes flying off to the side with container 4-1939 busting open. The Frost Giant pops back up not taking to kindly to being hit by a truck only to be confronted by the one the only original Wolverine!!!! Claws pop, as we see a flashback to the adamantium Wolvie was encased in seen by Jean Gray, before he stumbles upon what the Giant stole …. An Infinity GEM/Stone!!!!!!

Things begin to conclude with Loki, since his plan went kaput, seeking out the buried Celestial from the beginning of our story the Archaeologist uncovered. The book wraps up with scenes of the Richard’s kids flying through space on their space jet ski’s continuing the adventures and cliff hanger from Secret Wars conclusion.

Overall I had fun reading this issue and suggest both lapsed and current Marvel readers to check it out in some way shape or form to see if it's something you enjoy that would draw your attention to new titles releasing.  I don't think the book is perfect by any means, and found DC’s Rebirth to be a more spirited effort overall, mostly because a few parts in this I really enjoyed ended much too soon, while others I didn't care for as much dragged on seemingly forever. Regardless the art is beautiful to look at, and Jason Aaron does a good job of connecting the main story throughout the book, there is something for most everyone to have some fun with here, despite its flaws.

Bits and Pieces

A worthwhile effort from some of Marvel’s best talent hopefully providing Marvel a roadmap easily followed to draw some inspiration back into their Universe.  The title is far from perfect, but the right amount of fun, and good art make it worth a look.  



  1. Great review, and very fair score. I think I still preferred Rebirth to this as just a single issue experience, but I will admit I am excited for some of the upcoming arcs and new books launching out of legacy, and very interested to see where some of the seeds planted here turn up next!

    1. thank you much ... i feel the same as you, theres something i cant put my finger on that allowed me to enjoy rebirth more as a whole, but this was still some fun ... I like Logan back, and want to see where this stone stuff goes, that is an intriguing pair.

  2. I picked this one up (despite the ridiculous price) out of curiosity and found myself liking it quite a bit more than I thought I would. Usually, the only Marvel titles I read are Captain America and Star Wars, but I think I might just take the bait and give a few more of the relaunched Marvel books a shot. . .so it served its purpose. I just wish that purpose would have been about two and a half bucks less.

    1. Lol the price was kind of insane I agree ... at least beef up the cover and thicken the paper or something.