Friday, January 26, 2018

Gasolina #5 Review

Quit buggin' me Junior

Written by: Sean Mackiewicz
Art by: Niko Walter
Colors by: Matt Lopes
Publisher: Image
Review by: Andrew McAvoy

Yeehaw! This is the issue where we hit lift off. Up until now Randy and Amalia's role in events and the threat of Los Queridos has been depicted through a set of scenes all hinting at the bigger picture. Although this issue doesn't lift the veil completely, by the end of the issue the reader has a much firmer feel for the terrain of this series.

The issue opens with a sacrifice underway, seemingly to a deity named La Querida, who seems to be the binding force behind the gang who have taken on her name. The ritual sees a snake like creature make its way into the body of one of the gang through his mouth. During the ceremony we hear the history of the old ways before the arrival of Spanish priests to Mexico, and of the need for the country to open itself to the ways of the "evil of the serpent" manifested through its knowledge. Randy watches on as the ceremony plays out.

Meanwhile Amalia continues to kick ass and take names, in the process of saving Quique (that kid that Randy and her saved from abduction in the early issues of the series). They both arrive on the scene to free Randy from the gang members but soon Quique unleashes one of the aliens from his stomach and the gang flees as the bugs we have seen in earlier issues come scuttling towards the boy. Randy and Amalia grab Quique after his stomach-based pal gouges the face of the main gang leader. They take him and get the rest of the farm workers to safety.

A funny little ending occurs in this book through some nice panels which show the farmhands escaping down a dirt road and, later that day, a fleet of SUVs heading in the opposite direction towards the farm. The guys who exit those vehicles at the farmstead survey the devastation and praise La Querida's actions before we cut back to Randy and Amalia who are determined to stick with Quique. Interesting...very interesting.

Bits and pieces

You know the drill by now. Top story, top art, beautiful colors. What's not to love? This issue maintains the high standards seen so far in the series, gives us a wider view of what's going on and cranks the story up a notch. Special mention also for a great cover to this issue. Keep them coming.


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