Monday, January 22, 2018

Marvel Madness Comics Podcast Ep. 37

Ep.#37: Weapon-X, Venom Inc. (Finale), Spirits of Vengeance, Avengers / Marvel Madness Comics Podcast

Well Marvel fooled everyone and took a week off from Phoenix Resurrection … be honest you fell for it too. Anyway good new this week has a full schedule of books anyway to talk about and if your real good we might even be upload error free. Like always you know how we do things, we get deep into details, and discuss whether or not to buy, borrow, or forget the following titles:

Weapon-X #13
Venom Inc Omega
Spirits of Vengeance #4
Avengers #676

In between books Trevitt brings you some of the best news Marvel has dropped in a long time, a speech from Rick of Rick and Morty fame, and a classic PSA all about what everyone’s afraid of, VD, all before the new segment, 5 min wrap up, of Avengers part #2 of 16.

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SPOILER ALERT: all books are talked about in detail with all reveals being discussed. Read your titles first or listen at your own risk.

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