Wednesday, April 18, 2018


The Donatello Redemption Issue

Writer: James Tynion IV, Ryan Ferrier
Art Team: Freddie Williams II, Jeremy Colwell
DC Comics/IDW Publishing
Release Date: April 18, 2018 
Cover Price: $3.99

Well here is the big conclusion to the latest effort and crossover between IDW Publishing and DC Comics concerning the Batman & TMNT properties.  While I don't find this series has quite lived up to the hype of the series that came before it, it has been enjoyable enough to me as a fan of both properties since childhood, and especially for the Freddie Williams art.  So let's get right to it and see how Batman, the Ninja Turtles, and company take down Bane and his attempt to run New York. 

The issue begins with the good guys getting right to the point and launching their offensive at the Statue of Liberty, and it right away hits me right in the feels, by showcasing the Turtle Blimp in action. Donatello gets into position for his master plan to be put into effect with everyone waiting on his "OK" to be in the position to spring into action. 

Once Donatello pulls his end of the deal off, everyone else starts to implement their part of the plan and action runs rampant throughout the rest of the issue, packed with some cool developments, for example, the Turtle Blimp spilling out an anti Venom serum after being blown off as nonsense by Bane. 

Batman, Splinter, and a recently freed Shredder, from prison due to the last series conclusion, who is none too happy Bane is running the Foot Clan, are featured first and they all gang attack Bane. The Turtles, with the rest of the Bat Family, are next as they are catapulted out of the Turtle Van, another childhood favorite toy of mine, into action equipped with weapons to neutralize the remaining Venomized henchmen Bane has amassed. Finally, April and Casey try to get all the people caught up in the madness of freedom while Kari rallies as many loyal Foot Soldiers she can muster. 

Things really start going south for Bane when he knocked out of his throne room by the lethal trio attacking him. After one final stand, a few dozen elephant tranqs do the trick from Donnie and the good guys appear to have won the day, with Batman even revealing the why's and how of his deal with Shredder.  

Things wrap up the standard superhero team-up goodbyes as the series wraps up with a pretty good feel and I know I wasnt as big a fan of this series as its previous volume but I wouldn't hate reading a third go around at this, to be honest.      

Overall, if you ask me I think this issue was one of the stronger ones in the entire series and wrapped things up in style leaving me with a good overall opinion of the series as a whole.  There's nothing really groundbreaking happening here but we get a good solid team up with some interesting developments that went down I would strongly recommend to any Donatello fans specifically. Freddie Williams art is always a joy to look at, and I always find myself putting my money down when I see his name on a book, I really really love his crossover work the all the DC properties he's done. 

Bits and Pieces:

The finale to Batman/TMNT II actually hits the right notes and gives this crossover a very solid conclusion making it a crossover fans of the properties will have some fun with.  Freddie Williams art is always great something I really enjoy looking at and a trilogy of this series wouldn't be frowned upon by this reviewer. 


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