Monday, April 16, 2018

Captain America #700 Review - Marvel Monday

Every Cap Has His Day

Writer: Mark WaidArtist: Chris SamneePublisher: Marvel ComicsRelease Date: April 11, 2018Cover Price: $5.99
It has been 72 days since Captain America was transported forward in time to the year 2025 by Rampart. Rampart had frozen Steve and dominated the world all the while keeping Steve on ice as a Monument to their triumph. Steve eventually broke out and kicked everyone’s ass. Now Steve and his band of heroes need to hold together the country. Now that Captain America has the broken pieces of America in his hands will it just crumble and die anyway?

We open and Captain America's protege Liang is talking to a shadowed figure who is assembling some sort of weapon it seems. That is supposed to be used on the newly elected King America.

Eight days later the Captain is battling Russian goons who want to put the squeeze on American territories because of the defeat of the bad King Babbington. With the battle won Steven is inundated with information from on-going battles and needs of all the other fronts from around the country. As Captain languishes in self-doubt Liang presents the gun she and her conspirator were working on.  

Thankfully it's not a double cross, Liang and Dr. Banner worked to build this gun that can send Steve back in time so he can stop Babbington from unleashing the Nuke and take over America. 

Captain America turns down this option because he knows of the dangers of manipulating the time stream. It can have catastrophic effects, alternate timelines or what if he fails millions more may die instead. Captain resolves himself to fix the country as it sits right now.  

Captain America fights his ass off putting out one brush fire after another for almost a full year. He is trying to field more distress calls and one comes from New York right before it explodes from an Atomic Bomb. 

Defeated Captain America concedes to being sent back. He arrives back to his past 10 minutes before the missile launch. He gets to see himself getting frozen. Cliff diving down to the attack sub Cap boards the attack sub. We get to see Babbington before he was horribly disfigured by the after-effects of the so-called clean bomb. Babbington gives a rah-rah speech as the future Captain fights to free his past self and to stop the launching of the missile. He battles all the soldiers on the ship as time tics down to launch. He arrives minutes before Babbington pushes the button to end the world. Cap is able to destroy the launch button but as he talks shit to the once future king armed guards arrive shoot at Captain America. 

He blocks most but takes one in the leg. While Cap is down Babbington is able to launch the missile. Pissed off Captain America uppercuts the fuck out of Babbington launching him into the ceiling of the sub. With minutes to spare Captain America races to the missile as its firing its engines up, to launch. The Valiant Captain climbs the side of the missile ripping off the control panel he forces the missile to detonate before it fully leaves the sub destroying everyone and everything involved…except for our honorable hero from our present, who breaks free from his ice cocoon moments after everything went to hell. 

This Captain has no idea that he just saved history. We end with Steve writing a nice letter to Sharon Carter letting her know how he is doing and when he mails that letter he hands it to his ex-future protege Liang. 

Bits and Pieces:

Must Be Captain America Reborn!! I like this book It totally feels like this is where the next writer should take over even though it's not. I suggest buying it especially if you're curious what Captain America is really about. 



  1. It was a good finish, but I'm glad the time travel shenanigans are over with. No mention of the backup with "archived" Jack Kirby art? I'll describe it in 3 words: AMERICA, HELL YEAH! But I'm a little confused. . .was that unused Kirby art, or did Marvel cherry pick panels that had already been used in order to build visuals around Waid's script? In other words, was it awesome or was it a cheap recycling stunt?

    Anyway, thanks for the great review!

  2. Yeah I was confused with the back up as well. So I decided to avoid talking about it. It was ok. The art was bombastic. I really felt like this should of been Waid’s ride off into the sunset moment. The new writer would have a great place to jump in.