Thursday, April 19, 2018

Best DC Comics Covers of the Week: April 18, 2018

Is This a Special Month for Superman or Something?

You know--I believe it is! It's Superman's 80th birthday, so along with Action Comics #1000 coming out THIS WEEK (I did a whole separate list for those covers!), many of the variant covers feature Superman all month long. Even if Superman isn't actually in the issue. In fact, most of the time, Superman isn't in the issue. But that doesn't mean he won't tug on my heartstrings! Have a look at my top five, right here!

 Green Lanterns #46 variant
Brandon Peterson
A nice,gentle cover of superheroes flying atcha. The foreshortening is terrific and shoving the Greenies at the bottom helps Superman stand out. Just a nice comic book cover.

Superman #45
Patrick Gleason
This image just says everything that Superman has been about since Superman: Reborn. Jon. Smiling. Lois and Clark. Uh, wheat. Point is, this is one of those images people should reference when they get an inkling to give Superman a Kryptonite dick or something stupid.

 Batwoman #14 variant
Rafael Grampa
"Hey, you know what would be cool? If World's Finest was Superman and Batwoman, instead of Superman and Batman. And it would be even cooler if it was set in the Silver Age." I'd give it a look for sure.

Damage #4
Tony S. Daniel
I'd like to say I was drawn to this primarily by its excellent composition, throwing the tension into the background instead of holding it in the foreground as would be expected. But really, it was that Poison Ivy is looking foine,

Aquaman #35 variant
Joshua Middleton
Always bet on Middleton. A master class in coloring and composition.

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