Monday, April 16, 2018

Domino #1 Review - Marvel Monday

Da-da-da-dun-dun-da! Puppy Power!

Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: David Baldeon
Colorist: Jesus Aburtov
Letters: VC's Clayton Cowles
Publisher: Marvel
Reviewed by Andrew McAvoy

(Humming to myself) *Oooh Domino, da da da da da. Don't want to discuss it, I think it's time for a change. You may get disgusted. Start thinkin' that I'm strange. In that case, I'll go underground. Get some heavy rest. Never have to worry. About what is worst and what is best (....hit it!!).* Yes folks, just like Van the Man sang about all those years ago it's time for a change! It's time for Domino issue 1! (...hit it!)

I hardly ever feel like I'm in a safe pair of hands when I pick up a comic book these days. With a few exceptions, and Gail Simone is one of them. If I see her name on a book I'll pick it up sight unseen. She has given me many fun adventures over the years (check out Crosswind and Wonder Woman - Conan for most recent treasures). The first installment of Domino can be safely added to that list. It opens with a fun adventure gone partially wrong (reminding us along the way that Domino has ", like normal human bones") before we cut to a birthday party replete with X-Men and Marvel characters from the character's history. This is great - I know it isn't just me that loves it when X characters have a party or play baseball or basketball. Some of my favorite ever X-stories have these scenes as large component parts. It's kinda the Marvel equivalent of Superman and Flash having a race!

The ending is filled with peril and threat, and we are left in whatever the Skyscraper equivalent of a cliff hanger is (sky scraper-hanger doesn't quite have a ring to it). Along the way, there are neat little flashbacks and nods to Neena's background and history. It really is a well paced, well-balanced issue from Simone. Although the ending is quite terrifying the tone of the issue overall is one of fun and witty dialogue. The menace within the book is there in spades at the end but is peppered throughout the book too at various points just to stop us relaxing too much while listening to Dazzler (who seems to be channeling Gerry and the Pacemakers in her song material).

The writing is aided immeasurably by some equally fine artwork from David Baldeon. I haven't come across too much of his work but I liked his work on Spirits of Vengence, and enjoy it enough to follow him on Twitter even though I don't speak Spanish. He really captures the range of emotions displayed by the character in this issue. Maybe it is just me (or maybe it is the characters' color schemes) but I could swear that I could detect some of the stylings of Marc Davis' (Disney) depiction of Cruella de Vil in how Domino is rendered in this issue. Plus we get an adorable puppy in the opening shot who while not a Dalmatian by any stretch is still black and white and cute! Here's hoping the similarities with de Vil don't extend too far for poor Pip's sake. Aburtov's colors compliment the art brilliantly and give a very fresh modern feel to the book.

Bits and Pieces

I really loved this issue, and am very happy with what was a fun, brisk, well paced, well drawn and well-colored issue (sooooo hit it!!! I mean....get it!!!). It has a really contemporary feel to it, and after all, there ain't no party like a party organized by Deadpool. Looking forward to issue 2 already. Hat tip and a special mention for the great Elsa Charretier variant cover.


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