Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Justice League #43 Review and *SPOILERS*

Deathstroke To The Rescue?

Written By: Christopher Priest
Art By: Pete Woods, Willie Schu
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: April 18, 2018

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Priest is finishing off his run of Justice League with this issue and for as much as I love his writing in Deathstroke, I can't say that I enjoyed his take of the world's greatest superhero team.  The over the top political angle that he gave almost every issue, the scientific jargon he had to throw out there to try and explain things, that took up way too much page time and just left me with a headache........ and probably most important, the way he wrote our favorite heroes.  It just never felt right, but it all comes to an end here and hopefully it all wraps up nicely to the point where I can eat my words and proclaim that everything now makes sense in the arc.  Yeah, I'm not holding my breath, especially since in the last issue, Deathstroke just killed The Fan in front of our heroes.  Let's jump into this issue and see what's what.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

For our final Priest issue of Justice League we see Deathstroke taking on the Justice League and our heroes just getting the shit kicked out of them........ and really, I don't have a problem with that.  There's a reason that Deathstroke has always been such a threat and it's awesome to see that here.  The problem that I have with this is after Wonder Woman clashes with death, while Raven takes her pain away from her, Wonder Woman wakes up to go join her friends in battle and we discover after she punches Slade in the face that the Justice League and Deathstroke were in cahoots so that they could scare the warring refugees away from the Watchtower crash site.  Problem with this is, Deathstroke still killed The Fan and it seems throughout this issue that this was Batman's plan all along and I hate that so much.  Batman got The Fan killed on purpose.  

Really though, that's the complete wrap around for our story.  Everything is done and their lawyer Regina, who was working with The Fan previously apparently can't say shit about shit because of client/attorney privilege........  I don't get it.  All's well that ends well though, Simon pretty much screams in a restaurant about him and Clark being in the Justice League because out of nowhere he thinks he's being fired, Catwoman and Jessica watch The Real Housewives when Jessica comes to confront Bruce about their kiss and in the end, everyone is supposed to get together at the JLA's Sanctuary, but they're needed elsewhere because of No Justice.

That's it for this issue of Justice League and while I haven't liked this run of the book all that much, this quick "tie everything together" issue comes off worse.  Yeah, I like that we didn't get any over the top scientific answers to how things work, but in the end, Batman allowed a man to get killed and we didn't really do much for the Justice League team as a whole except make it so the world hates them.  I enjoyed the art in this issue enough, but nothing about the characters in this issue felt right and I'm just glad that we're done with this run of the book.

Bits and Pieces:

While I'd like to say that this finale brings everything together for this arc, it just kind of throws stuff out there to say it's dealt with, while it really isn't and just makes our heroes look terrible in the long run.  I like the art in this issue, but the story and the characters involved just feel completely off.


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  1. Batman didn't arrange for the Deathstroke to kill the Fan. That just happened because he was in the same place with Slade and Slade didn't like the idea of the Fan potentially having Slade's personal information. Cyborg speculates that this was all part of Batman's master plan, but he's giving Batman too much credit. Sometimes Batman's just a tired man who can't plan for every outcome. That said, Batman doesn't explain his actions to anyone, except Selina when he's crying about Kite Man. That's pretty consistent with how Batman's behaved since the New 52. It's part of the "asshole Batman" persona that Mike and others complain about.