Monday, April 16, 2018

Runaways #8 - Marvel Monday

Eat My 54-Year-Old Muffin

Writer: Rainbow RowellArtist: Kris AnkaPublisher: Marvel ComicsRelease Date: April 4, 2018Cover Price: $3.99

Runaways is a very character driven comic that is steeped in its past while it builds towards its future. But it doesn't allow its past to confuse its present. I have never read runaways up till this current run. I look forward to reading past issues in my future. But for right now I hope you sit back and enjoy the present as I read you this review I wrote the other day.

It has taken Seven issues to get what I believe is the entire team together. Granted they are all together but not entirely. Some Like Victor who is an android doesn't have his own two legs to stand on, or hips, or a chest. Yeah he is pretty much a lump on a log. Really if you break it down every one of these team members are missing pieces of themselves. Their Physical and emotional scarring is really quite self-evident in the writing and art. Their healing is going to take time. 

Having said that I really hope this is a prelude to some more action to come. This book has my interest but does it have my excitement? Let’s find out.

We open to Julie Power (Lightspeed from Power Pack) waiting at the airport for her girlfriend Karolina to pick her up. She is having a Love Actually moment as she sees all the lovers and family members awaiting their significant others arrival in anticipation. When she gets a text message from Karolina saying she can't meet her for pick up she has to pick Molly, who is the youngest member of the team, from school. So with disappointment on her face, Julie hops in a taxi. 

Next, we hop over to Molly hanging out with her best friend Abbie earlier that morning. They are at Abbie’s house and Abby is explaining to Molly that she was thirteen in 1964, and she will forever be 13 and Molly can be 13 forever too. All she has to do is eat this cupcake from 1964. That was given to Abbie by a witch. No big deal right? Lucky for Molly Karolina is there to pick her up and to give Molly some much needed time to think about her decision. What kind of a so-called friend presents you a magical cupcake but doesn't give you any milk to wash it back is all I'm saying about it.

Moving on now back at the Hostile, which is the Runaway’s underground mansion slash base of operations. The family comes together for some good old fashion video game team building exercises as the Team Leader Nico tries to clean up the place to prepare for the arrival of her ex-girlfriend and her girlfriend. That’s right it's a vicious scissoring circle jerk. 

Molly is super excited to hear the news that Karolina is bringing Julie over. Molly is an uber Power Pack fan. She squeals in glee once Julie arrives whisking her off immediately to her room to show her the Power Pack poster she has on the wall,  Convincing her to autograph it along the way. 

The nostalgic look back at better times leads Julie to make some comments of the easiness of youth that makes Molly think about her earlier conversation with her BFF, Abbie. 

That is cut short by a KTHOOM followed by a BABOOM and a Ba DOOM. The Hostile is under attack by Dr. Doom and he wants the team to bring out the head of Victor Mancha or fear the wrath of Doom (maniacal laugh)

The team has only been back together for a very short amount of time has not been preparing for a fight. They really have no defensive measures. They make an attempt at an offense. It's a feeble attempt and Doom basically swat them away like flies. Lucky for them Doom has not come here to kill the whole team. He is only here for Victor…But WHY?

Bits and Pieces:

This team truly feels like it used to be family that was tight but now has drifted apart. They have reunited and now they have to find how to fit everyone’s baggage in one room. It comes heavy with the characterization but light on action. Sometimes though you need that in life. 


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