Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Bane: Conquest #11 Review

Kobra Cons

Written By: Chuck Dixon
Art By: Graham Nolan, Gregory Wright, Carlos M. Mangual
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 30, 2018

It's the penultimate issue of Bane Conquest........ and I somehow forgot that this was a title in between the last time this came out.  Yeah, that's not the best way to start out a review, but in my defense, this hasn't been the best series either.  That being said though, there was some fun and interesting things that happened in the last ten issues, they were just few and far between and this whole thing feels like it could have been told in a tighter manner if it was just a six issue mini.  Let's jump into this issue and see if Chuck Dixon can remind why Bane's so cool with his continued war against Kobra.  Let's check it out.

In this exciting and somehow hilarious issue of Bane Conquest we see our army that Bane has put together storming the hidden mountain fortress of Kobra, with Bane knowing that one of his own is Batman in disguise.  While there is little else to the premise of this issue, that alone was enough to keep me reading not only for the idea that Bane would be unfocused in his task to secure the infant Naja-Naja, but also because this series is ridiculous in its over the top depiction............ which is no way a downside.  

The story of Bane going after Kobra with an elite group of misfits from the underworld is cool, but the ill pacing of this book makes it a chore to read at times, not to mention that not a lot of time, if any is used to explain who half these characters are and besides for one or two, these are not really well known characters.  So yeah, that's a bit of a misstep, but the over the top aspect of this series is what keeps me reading and it's in full force this issue and it works for the most part.  We've got one issue left of this series that has been up and down.......... mostly down, but with what we got here, combined with the excellent art of Graham Nolan, I actually can't wait to get into the final issue to see what Chuck Dixon does.

Bits and Pieces:

While the character development and pacing of this series has never been a priority of the creators and doesn't become one in this issue, the hilarity that ensues because of this issue's premise was enough to keep me entertain the whole way through, not to mention the excellent art.  Is this a great series or issue?  No, but this installment was at least fun and entertaining and at this point, I'll take what I can get.


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