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S.H.I.E.L.D. #5 Review - Marvel Monday

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Dustin Weaver
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: May 23, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99
Review by: Dispatchdcu (check out all of his awesome reviews!)

So, there has been a huge time gap between when the prior issues were released and now. And yes, I hate that. Doomsday Clock is hard enough let alone YEARS for a delay. So, let me spend some time getting you all caught up before the issue starts.

The idea of SHIELD has been around since Imhotep stopped the Brood invasion in 2620 BC. Someone or some group needed to be formed in order to protect our planet and societies for generations to come. Throughout the years, individuals have been incorporated into the Brotherhood of SHIELD which include the following: Michelangelo ( the forever man who can access every element of time and space and be everywhere all at once), Sir Isaac Newton ( the villain of the story trying to bring an end to the world with a baby Celestial he found in the sun), Leonardo da Vinci ( super smart engineer and first creator of the life model decoys), Tesla ( a half human super smart android-Cyborg), a trio of brothers none as the Last Caliphate ( warriors through time), Leonid ( son of Tesla and some alien named Morda, as well as mothered by a Mystical song bird), Nostradamus ( yup the same one and he’s a bad guy), and of course Howard Stark and Nathaniel Richards!!!

Now, Isaac Newton is trying to put an end to the world with the Star Child (baby Celestial) and Nostradamus. Leonid was tasked with deciding for the Brotherhood between Newton’s plan or Da Vinci’s plan.. this was prior to them knowing Newton wanted to end the world. Leonid chose Da Vinci’s plan and sentenced Newton to death but of course, he escaped.

Next, while Nostradamus was looking for the elixir of life, the Star Child found Sir Isaac’s journal and works on Quiet Math which set him off and the mad Celestial Star child went into a fit of rage destroying the Immortal City of the SHIELD Brotherhood created underneath the city of Rome. I know... freaking craziness!

With the help of Howard Stark, Nathaniel Richards, Tesla, Da Vinci, and Leonid, they were able to hold off the Star Child long enough for Michelangelo to calm the Star Child down. This only paused his rage and he teleported to the future to meet up with Nostradamus and Isaac Newton.

Our heroes realize Isaac Newton’s plan and form together in a time machine to head to the future... 2060 to be exact. However, the battle ensues between Leonid, Howard Stark, Nathaniel Richards, Tesla, and Michelangelo vs Nostradamus, Sir Isaac Newton, and the baby Celestial Star Child through 3 parallel futures simultaneously.

And that is where this issue starts. Nuts so far right? To think SHIELD has been around since ancient Egypt.... Longer than Christ... pretty awesome. Before I even begin on this issue, stop and read the first 4 issues. It will take you a half hour max to read all 4 and you will love it! I have no doubt. Now, for this issue.

The battle begins in the year 2060 in 3 parallel timelines: modern, the rebirth of mankind, and the end of mankind. Let me walk you through this as best and as easy as possible... because it’s confusing and each page has 3 timelines of the story happening at the same time. And if I’m wrong, blame Hickman! Let me start with the Modern Timeline.

Modern: Tesla dives in first to take out the Celestial but gets knocked away. Howard Stark gets surprised by the Celestial and it squeezes him to death. Newton uses that moment to then surprise and kill Nathaniel Richards. While the fighting is happening Michelangelo continues to build this large looking battle suit/ shuttle of some kind. Being the villain Isaac Newton is, he kills his helper Nostradamus and then gets his eye ripped out by Leonid’s adopted mystical songbird mother.

Tesla jumps back into the fold and directly attacks the Celestial again while Newton kills the songbird. The 3 Last Caliphate throw themselves in harm's way to protect Leonid while Michelangelo continues to build the machine. Tesla is pissed because Newton killed his wife (the songbird) and suicide dives into the chest of the Celestial blowing it up giving Michelangelo the opening he needs to put Leonid in the machine.

Rebirth of Man: Tesla jumps at Newton and Howard Stark and Nathaniel Richards attack the Celestial from afar. The 3 Last Caliphate attack the Celestial directly along with the songbird. This time, the Celestial squeezes the songbird and Tesla loses it! Newton blindsides Tesla knocking him out while Stark builds this machine for Nathaniel which I think connects to Hickman’s run on FF. I think this is how Nathaniel initially travels through time to meet up with Reed.

Just like before, Michelangelo is building that machine for Leonid and again Newton kills Nostradamus. Immediately after, Tesla dives at Newton again while one of the Caliphate tries to use mind control on the Celestial but fails miserably. Newton kills Tesla and the Celestial steps on all the Caliphate killing them. Michelangelo grabs Leonid and leads him to the machine while Stark finishes his machine for Nathaniel. Stark fires at the Celestial and Nathaniel flies right into the heart of it blowing it up. Newton is pissed and kills Stark. This all bought Michelangelo enough time to get Leonid in the machine..... and I think Nathaniel jumped multiverses and timelines into FF... I think..

The End of the World: Stark attacks the Celestial from a distance and Leonid uses his energy force field to protect the 3 Last Caliphate from the Celestial. Meanwhile, Tesla tries to take on Newton and right as Newton is about to end him, his wife the songbird comes in a knocks Newton off Tesla. Stark lands on the Celestial and literally blows off half of it's face. Seeing Newton in trouble, the Celestial shoots down the songbird killing it and drawing Leonid’s attention towards his mother. This is when the Celestial blindsides him.

Again, Michelangelo, being able to see all space and time in multiple timelines, is using this time to build his machine. But in this timeline, Newton doesn’t kill Nostradamus. The Celestial swats at Stark knocking him down but Tesla flies in to save him before he crashes and dies. Meanwhile, Nathaniel Richards is laying on the ground dead ( somehow) and Nostradamus sneaks up behind the remaining Caliphate and kills them with a rock. Stark flies back in to fight the Celestial with Tesla only to get nailed by Newton. The Celestial finds Howard and Tesla laying on the ground and obliterates them.

Michelangelo continues to build the machine but in this future, no one killed the Celestial. Meaning, Leonid has no way to get to the machine Michelangelo built. So, Michelangelo creates millions of himself and climbs all over the Celestial to literally take him apart piece by piece. It ultimately works and the Celestial collapses to the ground at the demise of Michelangelo. Luckily, he bought Leonid enough time to get to the machine.

Ok so, I tried my best giving you exactly what happened to the best of my ability in each parallel future. It was in-depth, crazy, and action-packed. It was also so confusing I had to read it 4 times to get it, which I recommend doing by the way. But, even though this story had to be read multiple times in order to understand it, I was mainly upset with the layout of the book. That’s why I was confused. It wasn’t the writing that confused me. But, I can see the creativity in having the story laid out this way. I get it and I appreciate it after the fact.

Hickman is amazing. He is one of, if not THEE, the most creative comic writer I’ve ever read. I don’t think I’ve read anything of his that I could say I didn’t like. His “super-science” imagination is so dang impressive and the thought he takes to every aspect of his writing is genuinely amazing. And to see him tie in parts from FF, which may be my favorite run of any comic ever, were a nice touch. Sure, I’m upset it took 6 years to finish this.... technically we have one issue yet but still.... 6 years to get more issues was very upsetting. And sure, I’m nervous we won’t get the last issue of this but I certainly am delighted to get this issue and can’t wait for the finale.

If you like what you heard, love talking all types of comics, and are interested in joining a comic chat group, hit me up at dispatchdcu@gmail.com or @dispatchdcu on twitter. Catch you all later! Peace

Bits and Pieces:

Basically, you should read this entire series again, or at least 4 times, and also buy the FF trades while you're at it, oh and Secret War, oh and again just read anything Hickman writes and you’ll be pleased. I totally recommend this book, this issue, and until he lets me down, you should read all Hickman you can get your hands on.

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