Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Justice League: No Justice #4 Review

No Justice For All

Written By: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson
Art By: Francis Manapul, Hi-Fi, AndWorld Designs
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 30, 2018

It's the final issue of our little mini event here and while I'd like to say something cliche like it was a roller coaster ride of emotions or some nonsense like that, this story for the most part was just pretty confusing overall.  I never felt like I had a grasp on what the story actually was or how any of it was taking place and I know that anyone can go and fill in the blanks to create how the story works for them, I was just looking for something to give me a road map to what these Omega Titans and Brainiac were really up to because here we are in the last issue and I still can't say that I know what I've been reading.  Hopefully, everything comes together here and this becomes a story for the ages, but from what it looks like right now, it just seems like things will fall into place because they need to and this will only act as a setup for the new books coming out of DC.  Let's jump into this issue and find out.

For our final issue of No Justice, we see a lot of things go down to get us to our end and the problem is, this kind of feels out of nowhere.  I mean, yeah, we do need some information to get our heroes to win the day at the end, but for them to get the exact info they need and come up with the plan they conceive comes off a little forced, especially with the fact that we then take a bunch of pages at the end to setup the status quo for what the DC Universe is going to look like going into the future.  With those problems aside though, it is cool to see the heroes finally come together and stop the antagonists of this story.  I just wish I really knew what happened to them by the end. 

The art in this issue is amazing now that we've got Francis Manapul back, but overall, the story feels kind of light and for all the hype that this mini event had, it just comes off a bit underwhelming........ especially since the big concept of the book was that we had all these odd heroes and villains working together and when we get to this final issue, a lot of the characters aren't around or don't have anything to do.  Hopefully, this setup does do something spectacular for the DCU going forward and it will all be worth it in the end, but coming out of Metal into this wasn't the epic continuation that I was hoping for.  All in all, this was a bit of a let down, that just came together in the end for our heroes to triumph because they were just supposed to and nothing really felt earned in the long run.

Bits and Pieces:

While this does setup the canvass of what the DCU will look like going forward, this story does not live up to the hype that it originally had.  Things just happen because they have to at the end and instead of getting a solid conclusion that feels right, we have to rush it to get to the setup of things to come........ which all DC events just seem to be around for.  The art in this issue is great and there were some really cool scenes throughout, but this wasn't the tie everything up ending that I was hoping for.



DancingMike said...

Looks like another 10/10 for Scott Snyder! He's killing it!
He'll sell you the whole seat, but you won't need it because you can take a bathroom break while this nonsense is meandering to a contrived conclusion!

Action Jackson said...

When I think of this mini event and what why it was hyped up for it utterly pisses me off. What a waste. Remember the hype of how these teams where supposed to be something special. Batman teaming up with Deathstroke, why is Harley Quinn and gun-ho Robin on the intelligence team, you know Shit like that. Well here's the reason why,....Because WHY THE FUCK NOT. This event wasn't needed, there's literally only one thing that gets setup because of this book that warrants this ridiculous arc and that's the "Odysy" book. If titans was so important why wasn't Nightwing in this event, still no reason that Azreal should go to space, not like he was connected to this story, the why of how Lex is a villian now is stupid, the why of now Martian Manhunter is the leader of the league is stupid, and most importantly is why did we have: Etrigin, Dr. Fate, Harley, Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Atom, Deathstroke, Sinestro, Logo, and Lex Luther on these teams when they had no purpose dialogue or actions that warranted there selection for this story. Trash, just utter trash.

Going into these new teams books I'm already sceptical they'll anything as important as these book was.

Branden Murray said...

I guess I didnt hate this issue as much as everyone else, I dont know might even say rather enjoyed it. It defiantly wasnt perfect but serves as a bit of conclusion to Metal while making it clear where we're headed next. Ill pick up the main JL book for now with Snyder and ride that out for an arc or so digitally.

Jodie Jones said...

Another forgettable series and I really don't get the point of it. Maybe it's me but I am getting fatigue from the 'big' events now. Art was nice though.

Unknown said...

Why where 90% of the characters in this useless? Who did we even need? The trinity, manhunter, lex, braniac, flash, hal, ollie, Waller, and cyborg. All the others added nothing to this over bloated mess. This story didn't need to happen.

Unknown said...

Because J'ONN "held Starro's final act in his mind" to charge the seed with mystery and did it "like a true chairman"!

There are so many questions in this storyline but it was all just a means to an end to a new beginning. Let's hope this new beginning is so good that it makes us forget what led to it. Broken Source Wall is going to bring back Relic, Krona, Yuga Kahn, and... Telos BOOSH!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't even bothered reading this "event". I think im going back to my old 90's and 80's comics when things were nonsensical too, but at least more enjoyable to read. I'm disappointed by how contrived and superficial comic books have become. I'm not saying that comics were philosophical masterpieces in the 20th century, but they used to have something that made them fun and interesting to read. Today, however they feel... empty, pretty to look at but nothing on the inside. Only very few ones are worth the money though.

Jim Werner said...

that's why we need a DC unlimited app!!!

Jim Werner said...

Just another setup to more books that will set up more books...

Jim Werner said...

half of this issue, you actually can just look at characters standing around bored in the background