Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Flash/Speed Buggy Special #1 Review

Speedy Exit

Written by: Scott Lobdell
Art by: Norm Rapmund, Brett Booth, and Andrew Dalhouse
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: May 30, 2018

Review by: T Funk

We begin our adventure with Wally being chased by a sentient skyscraper powered by technology from whom else but S.T.A.R. Labs.  The skyscraper has transformed into a huge dragon-robot named Kilg%re. The % sign is not a typo, as Wally even asks, “A percentage sign? How do you even pronounce that?”  I’m wondering the same thing, Wally.

As the fight continues, yellow buggy busts through the robot’s chest injuring the dragon.  Wally instinctively hops into the buggy as it speeds past and concludes with the driver the only way to stop the beast is to eliminate its power source.  The mysterious driver takes off with Wally and they enter the speed force. Exiting the speed force, Wally quickly unplugs all the wires powering the dragon and it seems like the day has been saved.  Or has it?

Wally, being the responsible Flash he is, begins to lecture the driver on the dangers involved with using the speed force.  The driver then removes his racing helmet to reveal he is…Dr. M. Blanc (who apparently was a founding member of S.T.A.R. Labs and one of the most respected quantum physicists in the world).  The doc needs Wally’s help to test-drive his speed buggy. Wally again has a bad feeling about this idea, lecturing the doctor and having a sit-down with Linda. While still nervous about having the doctor driving inside the speed force, he ultimately decides its better for him to be there as well.

The story moves to a car garage where we find Tink(er), Debbie, and Mark working on a car.  For those unfamiliar, this is the team who created and drove Speed Buggy in the 1973 Hanna Barbera cartoon series.  Dr. Blanc is spying on them while overhearing Debbie speaking down about him for always being away.

We move forward to the big day, it’s time for the Doc to drive inside the speed force once around the earth with the Flash as an escort.  As they take off, something immediately goes wrong, as Wally had suspected all along. Dr. M. Blanc has now been fused with his speed buggy, creating a talking car who continually attacks Wally.  After crashing into a wall with a little help, the Doc has come to his senses only to see the arrival of Savitar. But he’s not come alone, he’s brought along two evil buggies: Speed Demon Buggy and Reverse Speed Buggy.  Apparently, they were created by surprise - tampering with the speed force.

Wally and Doc want to attack, but they are immediately trapped by Speed Demon buggy, who is doing green lightning donuts around the pair.  While trapped, Savitar sends Reverse Speed Buggy back in time to destroy the Doc’s lab, making this a permanent future. Savitar slips by revealing the force holding Wally and Doc in place is equal to their resistance giving them the idea to stop moving, which slides them both loose.  Chaos ensues as Wally fights Savitar and Speed Buggy (the artist formerly known as Dr. M. Blanc) races back in time to stop Reverse Speed Buggy.

After his success, Savitar and the two evil buggies fade away, erased from time.  Now permanently fused with the Doc, Speed Buggy disappears without a trace, only to end up in Tinker, Debbie, and Mark’s garage.  The team is now together. Wally meanwhile, catches up with Linda during a jog, to let her know he appreciates her.

The End?  Not quite yet.  The story moves forward six months where we see all the Flashes talking to Wally about knowing Speed Buggy.  The two are going to race for charity, around the world of course. The crowd is filled with many DC and Hanna Barbera favorites cheering on the two as they take off on their race.

Bits and Pieces:

While these cartoon team-up books are not known for their gripping stories, occasionally one will be fun to read.  Unfortunately, this one wasn’t it. The majority of this story is an origin story for Speed Buggy, which would have been ok if the story didn’t try to be a complex, speed force, timeline changing story.  For me, the epilogue really saves this book. Unfortunately, it’s only three pages.



  1. Great review. While I do agree that this was not the best story. I found it to be strangely charming despite it's shortcomings

  2. Captain caveman's got a set of nuts on him just slouching over Batman without a care in the world in that last page.

  3. Play Pacman Great review. While I do agree that this was not the best story.

  4. Colourist Logo Great review. While I do agree that this was not the best story.